Manhattan Fish Market @ Sunway Pyramid

Today was my girl’s 21st birthday and we went here, Manhattan Fish Market to have our lunch. Dear.. wish you a happy 21st birthday first. ^^

Soup of The Day

Flamming Platter for Quarter
(One large grilled catch of the day with their award winning flaming prawns.)
Served with one big piece of dory fish, fries, squids, prawns and garlic rice. It was so delicious and the fish was so soft and smooth. I would be very happy to have this as my dinner every day.=D

Grilled Platter for Quarter
(Served with fish fillet, squids, prawns, fries and garlic rice.)
This one not bad too but there were no squids in our platter where their menu claimed that they had it.


Lower Level ,
Sunway Pyramid,