Jack’s Place @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre [CLOSED DOWN]

Jacks’s Place was originated from Singapore and there is an outlet at 1 Utama’s New Wing. The restaurant’s appearance did not attracted me and it gave me an impression that the food served will taste bad. Well,.today…since me and my girl had been wandering around the mall…going up and down each floor…wondering what to eat…I guess I just gave it a chance to try this place out. We ordered the set lunch which inclusive of soup of the day, garlic toast, main course, a dessert and a cup of tea/coffee.


Soup of the day.
The soup was in green colour and I actually had no idea what soup was that but if not mistaken….it is cream of broccoli soup. This was the first time I tasted cream soup which was gluey but not creamy.

Garlic Toast.
My girl put the garlic toast away after the first bite, guess it did not taste well again. I had a bite…cold…oily…did not even meet the very basic taste of garlic toast.

Chicken Mushroom Spaghetti.

Here came the main course. Nice aroma greeted me as the waiter put down the plate of spaghetti.. nice presentation too. I eyed to my girl and we nodded our head signalling that : “hmmm….this will taste nice.” Well I was aiming a bit too high…so I got dissapointed again. The spaghetti was ok but the sauce was tasteless. My girl and I topped each spoonful of of spaghetti with chilli sauce…I know this was weird but that was the way of not wasting tasteless food…heehee.The only thing that won my heart was the grilled chicken.. Tender and well marinated.

Dessert served after meal.
A dissapointed one again. The taste is weird, even my girl can make a better one for me.

Lastly, a cup a coffee after that. After all those horrible dish, I lost my mood for this little cup of coffee. My girl said they couldn’t even make a cup of simple coffee. well…so you know…
Overall, stepping into Jack’s Place was a wrong decision. I did not expect they will served such awful food to us.  I don’t think they are putting a heart in preparing the food. Therefore, I strongly advise you all not to go to this shop else you will come out with big disappointment.

Jack’s Place
One Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing),
F346 First Floor Raunforest,
No.1 Lebuh Bandar Utama.
Bandar Utama Damansara.