Food Stall @ Serdang Lama

A friend of mine introduced me this little food stall in Serdang Lama. Even though I had passed by the road for two years but I never noticed that shop before. Really a miss out! The stall was actually located outside the area of a single storey house at the corner of the traffic light. It was opposite to Yap Yin Bak Kut Teh. Don’t looked down at this small little food stall, there were many customers during dinner time. The stall selling curry mee, wantan mee, yong tau fu, prawn dumpling and etc.    

This was the stall. I’m sure you would saw it on your left side after passed by Wing Heong Restaurant.
This was the place where the owner of the stall preparing the food.
They do serve a variety of Yong Tau Fu at RM1 per piece.
Wantan Curry mee ( RM3.50).
The mee reach very soon with wantan mee accompany by fried wantans, fried tau fu deeply soaked in curry broth, and pieces of fried pork cutlet. A very simple and typical combination of curry mee like other place.
When my friend first introduce this place to me, I doubt the taste of food in this humble place. I expected it to be sub standard but I was totally wrong. Aromatic, spicy, thick and creamy, this curry mee had definitely won my heart. To me, I think it was better than the curry mee stall opposite to Hoi Tong Steamboat Restaurant. I enjoyed the noodle until the last mouthful.
My girl ordered clear soup noodle ( RM3.50).
The soup was a bit too salty and it tasted normal like any other clear soup noodle you can easily find in other food stalls. Nothing special.
Well, this was wantan mee. The taste was average only. The pieces of meat that looks like ” char siu” was actually ” zhar yok” ( fried pork cutlet) . I wished they could be more generous with the amount and size of the zhar yok. But well I know I shouldn’t demand too much for a plate of mee at RM3.50.
A big plate of flowering cabbage ( choy sam) cost us only RM7.
The choy sam was abluent and went through a quick-boil, knifed into appropriate size, seasoned with oyster sauce and topped with fried shallot. Done. Ready to go on table. Quick, simple and healthy but tasted heavenly.  How good if I could have this green for my everyday dinner.
prawn dumpling ( RM1).
Lastly, our prawn dumpling. This was so nice! The tauke was not stingly with the stuffing, whole prawns and minced meat was generously stuffed in the dumpling skin. The dumpling skin was not the best I had tasted but it was quite alright.
Overall, I would said that this place though doesn’t seem appealing, the food quality was above average. After savoring the curry mee, I can feel that the tauke was conscientious  in preparing the food even though te business is being run in a humble area. Thumbs up for this place.