MY Vegetarian (Part 2) @ Seri Kembangan

Didn’t know what to eat for dinner tonight, we back to My Vegetarian, hoping to taste some new and delicious vegetarian dishes, but somehow we got dissappointed this time.

The rice was cutely shaped and attracting. But some of my friends said that they do not like this shop because their food was too fancy and over-shaped hence lost the humility that vegetarian food should have.

Honey Rib Rice. (RM6.00)

Satay Chicken Rice. (RM6.00)

My girl gave me a piece of her “pai guat” and once biting into it, I said: ” Why the meat was so hard?”. Yea the meat was very hard to chew and we were actually expecting something chewy, juicy, “meaty” like the one we had back in Yisenshu.

The satay sauce was very rich and creamy, and the meat was tender and juicy too. However when I mixed the gravy together with my rice, it just made me felt very weird to taste saltiness out from sweetness and sweetness back to saltiness. I think next time I’ll just order the satay, minus the rice.

BBQ Sauce Bean Curd. (RM8.00)

We ordered claypot taufu and turned out it become “glasspot” taufu. My girl was really particular with the claypot when ordering claypot taufu, she will always want it to be served in claypot because she said the taufu will taste nicer in claypot.

The gravy was not salty enough. Normal taufu was used but I prefer Japanese tofu. Average and nothing special.

Organic Prawn Siew Mai. (RM3.80)

The dim sum was a big let down. The taste was far different from the real dim sum. Sticky, soggy and tasted really weird.

It was Saturday and we actually hoped to get some good food, too bad luck was not by our side and we had been tasting below average food in a row for few days. Hope to get some nice food tomorrow, else my girl will be real moody. XD

MY Vegetarian
13, Jalan Equine 9E,
Taman Equine,
Bandar Putra Permai,
43300 Seri Kembangan.