Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Friday, Saturday and Sunday…I gotta the feeling…Wuuhoo…that tonight gonna be a good night!
Do you know which day will give you the best promotion? The answer is EVERYDAY…at Robot Sushi Japanese Restaurant and Bar.
I just finished my J.Club Salami at J. Co Donut and I became more hungry.
We started to look around for a proper dinner.
My girl shook my hand and look to nowhere.
Again, I didn’t know what promotion she  saw again so I just let her drag me to the place.
A huge pillar? ( * what was so nice about the pillar besides it was huge?)
There was an advert on Robot Sushi promotion on the pillar. Oh..I see…
The promotions attracted me as well as it runs from Monday to Sunday. Each day had different promotions from sushi to sake. What more is, the restaurant brilliantly balanced those promotions among ladies and gentlemen as well as student to attract all range of customers.

This Month Promotion

We scroll down the promotion list saw:
Thursday: College nite
( 7-10pm) show your student ID and get your first House Pouring Drink and California roll FREE.
It was 7.15pm.  Just nice in time. =). My heart skipped a bit and felt like going in.
We were given this voucher by the waiter when looking at the promotions. My girl kept mumbling beside my ears and said: “ Really can use one ah? Eat above RM20 than can get RM10 off? Go so nice ah?  Somemore today is thurday, if we present our Student ID than can get a pouring drink and a sushi roll FREE leh…can use voucher while having this promotion? ( * I understand her doubt because many restaurant always have terms and conditions highlighting that : This voucher is not applicable with any promotion and discounts) .
Still at last we went inside and got ourselves a sit.
Wet towel.
Once served meaning you already have a payment in your bill before you order any food. Sometimes I really don’t like this concept, this was the same concept in Dragon-I, Canton-I…..( * but when my girl scanned through the bill by the end, there was no wet towel payment included …heeheehee)

Steamed custard egg that accompanying the set meal . Do not judge the chawanmushi by its surface. I know it was smooth and with no topping, but good things were all hidden beneath. There were crab meat, chicken cubes and kamaboko as I dig deeper into the cup spoonful by spoonful. I do not like chawanmushi though I like steamed egg so my girl polished the whole cup.

Miso soup.
A very common and always-will-be there soup in Japanese set meals. I loves soup but not miso soup. My girl doesn’t like soup but she likes miso soup. Weird eh? So I let her do the job of finishing the miso soup. She said the soup was nice and beside tofu and wakame, there were clams inside too.
Red wine.
Many restaurants like to come out with set meals that highlight : comes with FREE drink. And 9 out of 10 restaurants offering the same FREE drink , that is Iced Lemon Tea. I expected Iced Lemon Tea to be served but to my surprise, the waiter put down two glasses of wine instead of lousy iced lemon tea.

California roll.
Heeheeheehee…the California roll was also FREE. Though it was free, the chef was generous with the ingredients. It was not simple cucumber wrapped in rice sushi roll but instead there were avocado, omelette, and cucumber wrapped with rice into sushi roll and the outer layers of the sushi were fish roe, bubble like and chewy, always my favourite. The sushi was nice overall but the rice was too loosely wrapped.

Two plates of sushi were served. (* grinning happily in heart)
Shrimp Beef Set. (RM27.90)
A Surf & Turf-style mix of shrimp tempura with beef teriyaki, served with garlic fried rice and fruits.

Teriyaki beef.
I ordered for teriyaki chicken but beef was served instead. My girl looked at the meat and she asked: “ Is it beef or chicken? It looks like beef.” I cheated my girl saying that it was chicken, so that she will try a bite of it at least. She chewed for a while and said : “ It tasted like sure it is chicken?” Well she is not that stupid afterall.  And she never took second bite. The beef was tough and chewy but it tasted alright with the teriyaki sauce.
The garlic rice was fragrant and big portion but I didn’t finish all as I didn’t expected there would be a dozen of sushi served to me.

The prawn tempura was crunchy and piping hot. The tempura was nicely breaded and fried. Too bad the batter was too thick causing it to overtake the taste of the prawn.
Calamari rings.
This was the only ala carte item we ordered. Also nicely breaded and fried into golden brown, the calamari seemed delicious. The texture was on the soft side instead of chewy. It tasted normal and nothing special, as a dish could hardly went wrong when it was battered and fried. My girl liked the salad that comes with it more.
We only pay RM22.30 for all the food and drinks above, after tax and presenting two RM20 voucher. The pouring drink costed RM19.80 each and the California roll costed RM10.90 each and we got them FREE. Imagined the total pay would be more than RM100 if we ordered it ala carte. We walked out happily from Robot Sushi, for the bill, but not for the food.
I won’t rank this restaurant into my favourite list but I like the promotion being offered. My girl was interested with the FREE Kampai bucket on Wednesday night but I said that she would lack of one “kaki” as the promotion is offered with condition that four girls come together but she always hang around with another two girls only..hehe.
So guys, do pay a visit to Robot Sushi before the promotion end and do pray for your luck to get some FREE vouchers.
Lower ground 2,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/145, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.