Restoran Goreng Kuey Teow Tong Shin @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

It was the second time we passed by this shop. I wasn’t very into char kuey teow tonight but I was clueless on what to eat for dinner. So I just parked my car and went in to Goreng Kuey Teow Tong Shin, a newly opend shop in Puchong. Being skeptical on the taste of street food that go into a shop, I wasn’t putting any special hope on the the food I gonna order, though it was famous Tong Shin kuey teow from Off Bukit Bintang. And I was right. 

Well, nowadays you can open a shop by just selling fried kuey teow..=.=

Besides normal kuey teow, there are many extra ingredients you can choose and add into your kuey teow. Prawn, lap cheong,cockles, fried egg…you name it. However, extra ingredients = extra charges. 

My girl wasn’t feeling that hungry, so she ordered a pair of popiah. The roll was quite decent in size but the chef was so stingy with the sauces.

Generous ingredients but it tasted bland. 

The char kuey teow looked so tempting when it was served to us. My saliva dropped looking at the lap cheong but I was at a total dissapointment after giving it a taste. No wok hei and not fragrant at all even it was added with lap cheong. I rashly finished the plate of noodles for the sake of finishing it, paid, and left.

Now I am getting more skeptical on the food that was origin from the street stalls. Those food really tasted nice when back in the streets but when they expand into shop, the food need to be charged at a higher price and no longer delicious too. I still prefer the char kuey teow from SS15 Asia Cafe.  

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  • i can only say that different people has different taste buds, frankly speaking i find that the char kuey teow here is quite good, and this is the only place where i can eat char kuey teow without sweating and wearing a kuey teow fragrance after i leave the shop ^^.

  • its good char kuey teow my friend.

    it may lack the heat,noise, dust, rats, cockroaches, and wet floor from the old street of tong shin but i will gladly pay for this.

  • I like the popiah so with kl big popiah.I don't like too much of suce ontop of popiah. try second time, mb you will love it.
    lammee and konlau mee is yummy especially with sambal belacan.