Wan Tan Mee @ Serdang

I came across a wantan stall from a food blog today. Feeling to check out more household stall in Serdang, I dragged my girl there tonight. I checked the route and it was located quite hidden far into a housing area. After getting over some junctions and roads, I ended up at a brightly lit double storeys house, the place selling wantan mee as indicated on net.

The owner renovated the living room of the house into a simple dining area with tables and stools, and there are more sitting places outside. Besides serving wanten mee, they also have economy rice and nasi lemak and tong sui. Upon ordering, the tauke said we can get some side dishes at their front stalls. There were stir fried vege, zhar yoke, yong tau fu, curry chicken and few more dishes.
Zhar Yoke. ( fried pork cutlet)
This was quite different from the zhar yoke I usually tasted. It was not freshly fried and not crispy but it was more like fried pork cutlet being deep-fried and braised for hours with agaric. Very flavourful and aromatic but I still prefer the normal zhar yoke which was more crispy and aromatic.
Stuffed Mushroom.
This was very nice. The mushroom was stuffed with fish paste then braised with thick soup-stock. The mushroom was fully absorbed with thick gravy,very juicy.
Yong Tau Fu.
Crispy and normal. Better if they stuffed more fish paste in it.
Clear Soup Wantan Mee.
My girl ordered this. Honestly, its taste dissapoint her and me. Very dilluted and not into my girl liking. She stopped eating it after a few mouthful, claiming that ” I full liaw”..=.=
The portion was quite big, with char siu, fishball and three wantans.
Wantan Mee Gon Lou. ( black soy sauce dry wantan mee)
I personally liked this wantan mee. The “gravy” was aromatic but not oily at all. The noodles was cooked to perfection, springy and had just the right texture.
The wantan was not so wantan-shaped and tasted just OK.
Halfway I was fully enjoying my super nice wantan mee, my girl suddenly screamed and kept shaking my hand, made me nearly dropped my chopsticks..囧. She pointed to some  “black thing” beside her and said ” Got dog…=(. I don’t wanna eat with a dog beside me…” haa-haa-haa.
Total bill was around RM14.00, quite resonable for the taste and portion, I will come back again for the stuffed mushroom, and nasi lemak maybe.

1101, Jalan Kuyuh,

43300 Serdang,