CAFF Italian Fusion Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

I was looking for western food in Bandar Puteri Puchong but all the shops seem to offer only chinese cuisine. I was so lazy to drive around so we just went into Caff Italian Restaurant, even though we were reluctant.

This was because we had a BAD experience in Caff Italian Restaurant about a year ago. I still remembered I purposely brought my friend to this place and keep telling her how good was the food here. So she ordered pan fried dory fish and ended up the fish was not only fishy in smell, burnt in some parts, and it was as hard as rock.Totally a failure.

We swear that we won’t return for their food but now I am giving it a second chance, with the excuse that : “Don’t blame. the chef was not in good condition that day.”

Caff Italian has their own chilli sauce..LOL.

Chicken Ceasar Salad ( RM10)
My girl wasn’t that hungry. So she ordered  Chicken ceasar salad.
Very large portion and my girl had a hard time finishing it. The vege was fresh, the tomato was juicy, the bread crumb was crispy, the scramble egg was eggy (=.=) but the chicken was rough and dry.

There was not much choice for me. I wanted to have chicken chop but there was a sticker pasted on top of the name. With the limited choice offer, I chose the safest meal, fish and chips. Don’t tell me they can’t even fried something with the right batter.

Fish and chips ( RM18)
Came in 4 pieces of deep fried fish fillet. A side of  french fries and coleslaw.

They gave me a huge portion of coleslaw. Very BIG portion. Haha..and it was generously loaded with mayonnaise as well. The fish fillet was ok and very ordinary. The batter was a bit too thick and was oily. I felt jelak after finishing the fish even though there was many cabbage as the side dish.

I am not sure I will come back again for its food or not but I am kinda interested with their pizza and spaghetti again. Their spaghetti was also a failure for my previous visit..sadly to say.

CAFF Italian Fusion Restaurant,
Jln Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong.