Kimchiharu Korean Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

We actually planned to go Kimtal B for the 4 flavours mee. But we walked around the whole IOI boulevard for about half an hour but still didn’t see any sign of the shop ( * we guessed we missed it somehow). Sigh… Tired and thirsty, we finally gave up and ended up at this korean shop called KimchiHaru.
Unlike some of the restaurants that opt for a very stylish interior, this shop’s deco is more like garden style, very warm and cozy. Haha I wished my house can be decorated like that next time.
Pear Juice ( RM4.50)
This is very very nice. Sweet and tangy , we enjoy every sip of it.
Garden salad
A mix of cabbage, tomato and thousand island mayonnaise.
Quite a refreshing side dish.
A must have in a korean restaurant.

My girl like this a lot and kept whispering beside me asking:  ” Can I ask for FOC REFILL?” ( * because some of the Korean restaurants give refill FOC but some don’t..and she don’t wanna pay extra…>__

Soon-dubu jjigae( RM15.90)
(Soft tofu stew)
Silky soft tofu with wholesome fresh seafood and pork belly boiled in a spicy broth tapped with and egg.A bowl of rice is come along with the soup.
A very decent bowl of soup bu my girl wished it to be more spicy.
Loved the runny egg.

Samgyetang ( RM23.90)
(Ginseng chicken soup)
A whole chicken drumstick boiled in broth of Korean ginseng, garlic, ginger, and dried jujube fruits. With a portion of rice added inside.It was said that Samgyetang can help to cure and prevent ailments. Tasted not bad and the chicken was tender but somehow I prefer my mum’s chicken soup more than this.
Taste wise and the price is slightly expensive. I was attracted with the set lunch and might come back for it..and also when we wish to have Bibimbap..heehee
Kimchiharu Korean Restaurant,
IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.