Restoran Soup Pedas Kajang @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

Couple of my friends had told me before Kajang hot and spicy soup was superb. I don’t get the chance to taste it until I saw Kajang hot and spicy soup shop in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Again, I doubt the taste of the soup that are origin from Kajang but appear in Puchong.

Once I stepped into the shop, the waitress straight away served us the menu and asked us what we wanted to eat. I told her: ” Hmm..just let us have a look first” . I was indirectly requesting her to walked off and left us alone to see the menu. However she still stood there after saying ” OK”.

After a couple of seconds, she opened her mouth and said : ” Why not I explain to you what we have, so you know what to eat. ” Hello…I haven even finished reading two types of the food.

She started to bla bla bla and both of us feeling really annoying but we just too shy to cut off her warm intro on their FAMOUS food. So we ordered two type of the dish which she claimed as CUSTOMERS ALL TIME FAVOURITE ,without having the chance to thoroughly scroll through the menu.

Here it comes:

HuaDiao Chicken (RM9.00)
The over-friendly waitress said that 99% of their customers like this Hua Diao chicken.

The chicken was tender but the overall taste was not up to standard. It just tasted like ordinary soy sauce chicken that was way too salty. 99% of the customers love this? Then we were the 1% who gave a thumbs down to this.

Hot and Spicy soup ( RM9.00)
The hot and spicy soup was not very spicy and not very hot.

The sliced pork meat was so fat. My girl scooped all of them into my bowl as she doesn’t like fatty meat. There was not much ingredients inside the soup. There was only a few stalk of choking-smell-green and a few miserable pieces of pig stomach that didn’t look fresh at all besides sliced pork meat.

Both of us agreed that the hot and spicy soup we tasted in Serdang last time was much more better than these, even though the food portion for both the places are same, SMALL.