FGS Dong Chan Si Temple @ Jenjarom

Fo Guang Shan Dong Chan Si Temple (佛光山 – 东禅寺) at Jenjarom, Banting Selangor never fails to impress visitors with their beautiful lighting decorations during Chinese New Year. Different theme for every year, and will last until the 15th of Chinese New Year in Lunar Calendar. We are so eager to visit but due to final year exam, plan is dragged behind.
Finally I finished my last paper today and “BYE BYE” to all my notes. Today was actually the lantern festival or chinese called it as yuan xiao jie (元宵节). It occurs on the 15th day of the first month of the chinese new year which marks the end of the New Year’s holidays. My friends had a sudden plan to pay a visit to FGS Dong Zhen Temple (佛光山 – 东禅寺) at Jenjarom. This was my second time visit to Dong Chan Si without my girl again because she still having her last paper tomorrow. Sob sob.. Hopefully I could make it with her next year.
Anyway, I had the chance to try out my new toy at Fo Guang Shan, canon 50mm f1.4 for this day. Scroll down for the pictures taken. And once again, it was purely for sharing purposes.
Main entrance of Foh Guang Shan Dong Chan Si 佛光山東禪寺 temple. Can u see how many lanterns hanging up there?
Rows of lanterns hanging beside the path way.
When you see closer to it, it was actually a peace lamp (佛光山平安灯)
Since this is a year of rabbit, rabbit decoration must not be missed out!
Happy Rabbit Year to all!
I can even see 1Malaysia lantern there.
Two little cute monks saying “hi” to welcome all guests.
I like the bokeh of this picture.
Oh no… The cat is bbq-ing the fish.
A wish tree where you can hang your wishes card here.
“I wish my family healthy always and my girl can do well in her examination tomorrow.”
Anyway, the wish card above is not belong to me. Haha…
Thousands of lanterns hanging up the pathway in Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple. It was so nice and beautiful.
Dong Chan Si Temple is a nice place to visit and you will be amazed by all the decorations there. Make sure you fully charged your camera before going there because you can have hundreds of photo taken later.
Well… We 2 hours walking around Dong Zhen Temple and by the time we realized we haven’t took our dinner yet, it was already 10pm! Oh gosh… I’m hungry like hell… So we went to a nearby restaurant for our dinner or shall we called it as supper?
According to my roommate’s friend, this restaurant was recommended to us for the well known food prepared. I’m not sure whether we had ordered the wrong dishes or what, it just tasted normal and not really worth the price.
Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen Temple,
Jenjarom, Banting
FGS Dong Zen Monastery,
PT2297, Jalan Sg. Buaya,
42600 Jenjarom, Selangor