The Vanilla Place @ Empire Shopping Gallery

We thought of going to The Pork Place at first to get some porky dish, but when we almost reach IOI Boulevard, my girl suddenly suggested The Vanilla Place at Empire Shopping Gallery. So we changed plan.
It was a long journey as we miss the route to Empire and we got into a big turning here and there, and only managed to reach there around 9pm.

There was a 5 course meal offered by The Vanilla Place, just for weekdays. The set was priced at RM29.80. I think that it was quite reasonable as I get:

Orange juice / apple juice
soup of the day
Main course ( a choice of lamb shank, beef/chicken lasagna, roasted duck / pesto seafood spaghetti)
Chocolate brownie with ice cream
Long black / tea

I choose the refreshing orange juice for my drinks.

Soup of the day was mushroom soup.

The soup was so MUSHROOM that I felt like I was eating mushroom chunks more than drinking soup. All I got was just mushroom mushroom and mushroom. Nice at the first few spoonfuls but not till the end.

Lamb Shank

For main course, I ordered their lamb shank, served with mashed potato and green salads. The meat was chewy but not that tender, pretty average. The sauce was a bit weird, it had a mix of sour + sweet + spicy taste, more like rendang sauce.

I finished the lamb shank in less than 5 minutes as I was so hungry. I continue to knife on the bone, trying to knife down the leftover meat, though the bone was already very clean. My girl looked at me, giving me a are-you-going-to-swallow-the-bone look.

Carbonara Spaghetti ( RM14.80)

My girl ordered ala-carte carbonara spaghetti as 5 course meal will be too much for her. Sharing with me is a good choice. hahahaa. But I guessed she ordered the wrong dish as the cream cheese was so heavy that she already felt jelak before finishing half of the portion, ended up I was the one who helped her to finish the spaghetti left. Besides, she kept complaining that the cream cheese sauce has the taste of Dettol floor cleaner, making her felt so want to vomit..zzzz. Nonetheless, the spaghetti was al-dente, with large portion and creamy sauce.

Coffee cheese cake

The waitress came over and told us that chocolate brownie was sold out and requested us to choose between coffee cheese or banana cheese. So we chose coffee cheese as banana cheese sounded so odd. My girl started to lao gei again : ” Eeee…Cheese again ah…so ” zei” ( greasy)..eeee… I want brownie with ice cream leeeee…” >__<.>

About the taste, it was quite OK. It was topped with some chocolate sauce, and the cake was not very thick, a bit soft which is more like a Japanese cheese cake, just denser and richer.

Long black
Seriously speaking, I still don’t like this kind of hot water first, espresso later type of coffee.

The bill came to RM49.05 inclusive of service and government tax. The waitress suddenly put down the bill and requested us to foot the bill, by crossing her hand in the space between me and my girl.  Yoh…so impolite.

Overall the food is not as nice as I first thought but not that bad as well. Just one small thing I didn’t like, that is the waitress kept coming forward and asked whether I had finished my food as she wanted to collect the plates and stuff like that. I felt that it was a bit disturbing and I actually haven finished up my lamb shank ( there was still a portion of mashed potato left and I still wanted to have a few sip of the sauce ) , but ended up I scoop up the mashed potato into my girl’s spaghetti’s plate and let her took away the plate.

Besides set dinner, The Vanilla Place also offered weekdays set lunch which was priced at RM11.80, including ice lemon tea, starter, main course, and a scoop of ice cream. Very worth the price.

The Vanilla Place
1st Floor, (facing Toys-R-Us)
Empire Shopping Gallery,