Macaroons @ Whisk, Empire Shopping Gallery

My girl messaged me this morning asking me to drive her to Empire Shopping Gallery, saying that she wanted to look for “blood- storage-packet” hospitals use during to store blood blood donation..=.=. Yea she did found something similar but it is used to store urine, and is too big in size, 2 liters volume.

Again she was down down down in mood so I gotta look for some sweet thing for her again. Whisk at Empire Shopping Gallery is always famous for their red velvet cake and freshly brewed coffee but I never had one before. Again I did not have it when I stepped in there today.

I went for their macaroons instead, which get good reviews as well. Are they really good? Read down..

We thought that the orange colour macaroons is orange flavour, until I was told by the waiter it is pineapple flavour. Errr…I thought orange should be for orange and pineapple should be yellow? hoho..

Blue colour for sky flavour? I believe I can fly…..>_

Heehee…we bought four macaroons, priced at RM2.00 each. These are the smaller size one and you can actually get a larger size macaroons at RM4.00 per piece.

They are cute and not as sweet as those in Levain, I personally like the brown colour macaroon with chocolate taste. Just somehow I felt like those macaroons outer shell is so solid and not crispy at all, the inner filling is not moist and my girl just don’t like them.

Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop
LG03A, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.