Fu Man Lau Seafood Restaurant @ Kuala Sepetang, Perak

I was thinking to find my girl at Penang today since I’m going back to my hometown. BUT too bad… She was going back to her hometown too by today. Our internship has separated us into two places, KL and Penang. But that didn’t stop me from meeting her again as I’m going to find her by next month. =D  So, to my girl: Wait for me on the day ya!

Alright, now jump back to the main story. Plan to Penang was cancel and we ended up at Fu Man Lau Seafood Restaurant for our lunch on the way back to hometown. My mom love to go here for lunch everytime we went back but my dad seems like doesn’t like it so much. And me! I love seafood very much, so this place is definitely suits my stomach. Hoho…

Seafood porridge was their signature dish but we didn’t try it out today.

I forgot this one called as what and I asked my mom for the name. She told me : “I also forgot what is the name, the aunty say till so fast.”   >_

Steamed lala with wine.

Fried Oyster.

Seafood Curry.

Mantis Prawn.

Kam Heong Crab.

Guess what? All the dishes above was just RM70++ only. You would definitely cant get this price in KL.

To go to the restaurant, just follow the map as shown below.