Victoria Station @ Jalan Ampang

Yesterday while driving back home after a charity dinner at SMJK Chong Hwa, out of a sudden my mum suggested going to Victoria Station for lunch today to celebrate Father’s Day. My mom used to say the food served there was very expensive and I never had the chance to try out even though it was just 10 minutes drive from my home. Hehe… Well, things always change, so does my mum’s mind. We had our first family lunch at The House of Fine Steak – Victoria Station. 
Some grandma story about Victoria Station—->> The first station was Station Damansara, then here comes the Station Ampang, Station USJ, Station PJ and up north to two stations in Penang – Station Bayan Baru and Station Seberang Jaya later on.
You will easily notice Victoria Station if you pass by Jalan Ampang because of the attracting classic train head. According to my mum, the train was real. Haha..
The interior building looks like the old British castle.

A very unique and the cozy ambience, suitable for couples dining or friends gathering or business dinner. But today, I saw mostly was family instead of couples.
Here goes another train inside the building. Im not sure if this one was real too.
You can also request to sit inside the train to have your meal. It will be a special experience.
“Ting Ting Ting!” Passengers for Platform 9, please get into your seat quickly! Our train will start moving very soon. =P
Premium Australian Grape Juice. We did not order that. It was already served on the table once we sat down.

Complementary bread with butter.
Chicken Maryland. (RM21.90)
My dad’s order. The plate came with deep fried supreme of chicken, garnished with sausage and top with banana fritters. The chicken is crispy outside, oozing with juiciness and tenderness inside. The sausage was ordinary and the banana fritter is odd to appear in a western plate. The corn and fries provide a portion of  carbohydrate while the vegetables were good enough to balance up the oiliness of the chicken.

Fish & Chips. (RM19.90)
And this was my mom’s order. A plate which was simpler with premium fish fillet, chips and salad. The fish fillet was well seasoned, breaded and fried to perfection. The fillet might not look appealing, but the breaded outer layer brought up the boring taste of usual fish and chips, making it more flavorful.  Having the fish fillet together with the traditional VS Tartar sauce dipping made my mum gave another double thumbs up to this dish.
Cajun Salmon & Grilled Lamb Loin. (RM31.90)
Being greedy to get a taste of lamb and salmon, my little brother and I ordered this. The plate came with an iresistable combination of imported salmon and grilled lamb loin, served with potato of the day and salads. The salmon was very fresh but the bone within the salmon made it a letdown..=.= .  I like the lamb loin very much as it did not have overly strong lamb smell. The chef did a good job in preparing it as the lamb was well marinated, tenderly cooked, and a  few slight chew already brought it down to my throat. Awesome. This dish worth with the price!
Our total bill at the end of the meal was RM129.45. My dad’s eye ball nearly dropped out after saw that. Haha… Anyway, Victoria Station is a very famous and recommended place to have fine steak. You wont regret going there for steak. And one more thing, there is no spaghetti or pasta served in the restaurant like others. So, you gonna order steak for sure there. =D
Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to all the father in the world!
p/s: dear, help me wish happy father’s day to your dad too.. =D

Victoria Station Restaurant (Station Ampang)
243, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.