Penang Trip (second day)

Second day of the Penang trip.

What to eat?

We got no clue on what to have for breakfast. Result for not doing enough homework. Suddenly we remember Annathai-Kitchen at Pulau Tikus. So we went there, in hunting for the tempting Thai pan breakfast, but too bad it was not opened yet. We went to Hai Beng coffee shop across the road for loh mee instead, while waiting for Annathai-Kitchen to open.

Loh Mee (RM3.50)

Kopi Ping(RM1.50)

I personally like the sliced pork given in the loh mee, very flavourful with the right texture. The kopi ping was so so, my girl claimed.

Later we went back to Annathai Kitchen, feeling happy that it was opened already. We were greeted by a warm smile from an uncle (*the tauke I guess). We asked for the Thai breakfast but he told us that they have stop serving the breakfast due to shortage of workers. We couldn’t help covering our disappointment but can only hope that the breakfast will back to the kitchen one day. We went for a walk at Pulau Tikus market and bought brown sugar ban chang kuey (RM0.80). Taste wise, it is just a piece of pancake to heal the “breakfast wound”.

It was almost 11am , we drove back to Kheng Pin coffee shop for lor bak. GPS led us to the wrong route but luckily we found the place at last.

Lor Bak (RM7.00)

A plate of mix lor bak for 2 persons cost RM7, I felt that it was quite reasonable, cheaper than the one I had in Taiping. The plate consisted of a big piece of fried bean curd, spring roll, prawn fritters, deep fried pork roll. Lor bak here was nice, fresh and not oily at all. I especially heart the prawn fritter and spring roll. The prawn fritter was very crunchy but not doughy, with just enough batter to coat the generous amount of prawns. Though it is nice, but I still like the loh bak in Taiping.

Chili Sauce

Again, my girl commented on the chili sauce that came along with the lor bak. Well, chili lover always paid attention to something related to chili even when it was not the main attraction. She said that the chili sauce was very different from other places which used bottled chili sauce. The chili sauce served was very-home-made, with a proper mix of sweetish and firely taste, very appetizing. Their soy sauce gravy was very thick and delicious. I gave two thumbs up to the tauke for his sincerity in doing business, even the dipping sauce was given good attention. Here, his chili sauce and soy sauce gravy serve more than just dipping sauce.

Wantan Mee

My girl saw many tables ordering wantan mee, so she asked me if she could have one too. We ordered a plate but I doubt on its taste. Came with half slice of mushroom, vegetable, few slices of char siu and wantan, it tastewise overall, the mee was springy but the wantan and char siu were forgettable. Klang wantan mee still the best wantan mee I had eaten, I don’t get to find one which can overtake it until now.

I promised my girl to bring her to Leong Chee Kee Biscuit at off Cintra Street. After many miserable turnings and findings, we saw the shop name, half hided by big trees. We happily walked there and the shop welcomed us with a big closed door. The shop is closed on Sunday. My girl disappointment increased to another level, I can felt that.

We drove out from the street and just I was about to made a turn when reaching the junction, my girl shouted at me: “HEY HEY HEY!! STOP STOP! I SAW THE FAMOUS YAU CHAR KWAI!!”. I got freaked out and asked: “ HAR? WHAT?! WHAT?!” I reversed my car before I got to clear the situation, and she already hopped down from the car to get the so called famous yau char kwai. I didn’t know that the place is famous for yau char kwai and I didn’t know why my girl knows it. I guessed she got over indulged in food searching. Whatever it is, not important. The shop particularly doesn’t have a name, but it has a lot number “76”..=.=. We didn’t get a picture of the yau char kwai as my girl had already started to munch on it once she got into the car. The yau char kwai was nice and crunchy with great texture, RM1.20 per pair. So, for yau char kwai lover, do look for a shop with number “76” along Cintra Street.

We then went to Ghee Hiang at Burma Road to get some tau sar pneah and heoh pneah. A box of 32 pieces small tau sar pneah, a box of 16 pieces small tau sar pneah, and a box of heah pneah made a total burnt of RM20.00. Their shop can be found at Macalister Road, Burma Road, Beach Street, Sunshine Farlim shopping mall, and Lot 10 Hutong KL.

Tau Sar Pneah and Hneoh Pneah

Hneoh Pneah

Tau Sar Pneah

It was noon time. We went back to Bayan Lepas and stopped at Queensbay Mall for some grocery shopping. She said she finished her sister’s chilli sauce so she have to replace it..=.=. We actually planned to go for the refreshing cendol at Eastern Wishes, i-Avenue. After done shopping it was almost 3pm and by that time only my girl remembered that Eastern Wishes will close for a short rest at 3pm.

Feeling a bit disappointed again, I planned to go for another street food before going back. My girl urged to go back home instead as she worried that there will be traffic jam when the clock hit five. Well at last I was the winner and we went to Bee San Coffee Shop at Air Itam for O chien, only to know that the stall was not opened yet. We tried our luck driving to the Air Itam famous laksa, using six sense as we didn’t know what to type into the GPS in searching for the laksa. Well we were lucky for the last stop as we saw the laksa stall.

Laksa (RM3.00)

The laksa was alright with some disappointment. My girl said the laksa was not that light when she tasted it two weeks ago. She said the laksa that time was quite thick and flavourful, but today’s one was very diluted, probably it was almost 4pm and the owner has been adding some hot water instead of real laksa stock to the previous laksa soup. Previously she had it around 1pm.

It was about 4.30pm, I sent my girl back home and drove back to KL straight after that. To be frank, this trip is a very rush, way too rush. We were behind the schedule and dun really get to eat what we want, a big disappointment.  The GPS is not directing me to the right way many times. Plus we are not familiar with the routes and junctions around Penang. When I look at the left and look at the right, I found that all shops along the road look the same, when you turn into another junction, well those building looks the same again on the left and right, worse is they look the same as those shops in previous road.

We concluded that the time we sitting in the car is more than the time we enjoying our food. I do not want this to happen again for my next trip to Penang. I repeat: I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE THIS TO REPEAT AGAIN, THIS IS TOO TIRING..>__