Cintra Food Corner @ Cintra Street, Leong Chee Kee @ Off Cintra Street, Penang

After having delicious breakfast at Soon Yuen Coffee Shop, we made our way down to Cintra Street to have some tasty bak chang, yam cake and red bean soup at Cintra Food Corner( 槟城日本街肉粽茶餐室). At first I thought of driving there as the weather was very hot but we were afraid that we might not be able to get a parking, so we just walked there.

Sometimes the destination seems to be so far especially when you are walking under the hot sun. And complains will come in. XD.

Me : ” At where ooo… why so far… very hot neh…”
My girl: ” erm… yea lo… very hot. Almost reach le gua.. suppose to be along this street.”

It was easy to spot the shop as it has a big shop sign and big banner hanging beneath it, making it stand out from other shops. I guessed the big banner provides some shelther to the shop? hehe..

Cintra Food Corner specialized in dumpling (bak chang), but their famous yam cake (o kueh) and red bean soup (ang dao th’ng) are not to be missed too. There were few kinds of dumpling such as Cantonese dumpling, Hokkien dumpling, golden dumpling, etc.

Hokkien Chang (RM3.50)

We liked our Hokkien chang. The rice had the right stickiness and infused with the flavor of dried shrimp, salty egg yolk, juicy fatty meat, and chestnut after hours of steaming.

Yam Cake

The yam cake came in quite a big plate even though we ordered for a small portion. The yam cake was not flourish, soggy and tasteless like many other places, instead it was well-textured with chunks of cubed taro. The garnishing of dried shrimp, peanuts, spring onions onto the yam cake gave an extra flavor to the simple snack.

My girl said their sweet and spicy sauce was very nice,homemade I guessed. In the end I was having the dumpling while she was having the sauce, and she almost licked the whole plate clean. =,=

Red Bean Soup

The soup was mellow, soothing, with pleasant tangy taste due to the adding of sun-dried mandarin orange peel to the soup. Partial of the red beans were simmered till soften but still hold in shape, giving the soup an extra munch. A good bowl of red bean soup which we did not mind having it in a hot weather.

We made a turn into Leong Chee Kee (梁池记饼家) later to buy some traditional biscuit, as we came here on Sundays last time and was welcomed with big closed doors.

The shop was located at the corner lot of People’s Court ground floor which was quite hidden but no doubt famous for traditional Cantonese wedding biscuits such as walnut biscuit (合桃酥), yello bridal biscuits (黄陵蓮蓉酥), red bridal biscuit ( 红绫豆沙酥) and egg cake (鸡蛋糕). They also have fabulous pepper biscuits and coconut tart as well.

Egg Cakes

We bought some egg cakes back home.

A first bite of it we found that it had a boring taste but my girl just couldn’t stop munching it. She said it was very nice and addictive. The nice she meant was not flavorful or any other fancy taste but just the “koh cha bi” (古早味) that brought back the good old memories she had in hometown.

Afterall, our sweat was paid off with simple yet lip smacking morning tea with some good venture to traditional wedding biscuit shop, I will come back again if there is any chance.

Cintra Food Corner
40, Lebuh Cintra,
10100 Penang.
GPS Coordinates : N 05.41897° E 100.33390°
Business hour : 9am-6pm (closed on Sundays)

Leong Chee Kee Biscuits
8-C People’s Court,
Campbell Street,
10100 Penang.
GPS Coordinates : N 05.417353° E 100.333951°
Business hour : 10am-6pm ( closed on Sundays)