Luk Yu Dim Sum Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

It was about 12pm and we had not have even had our breakfast yet. We woke up late and felt so reluctant to go out and had our meal even though we knew that we shall eat something. We eventually stopped watching drama and dragged our lazy ass out from the chair, and ended up in this dim sum shop.

This corner shop used to be Axiam Dim Sum. At first we thought that Axian Dim Sum was closed down and a new shop was replacing it, so we went to try out this new shop. But later only we found out that this place was still under the owner of Axian Dim Sum shop, just that they are having a new shop name. So for those who are looking for Axiam Dim Sum shop, just a note that Luk Yu Dim Sum is under the same owner of Axian Dim Sum. “The quality of food is maintained. just the shop name changed.” This was told by one of the waitress in Luk Yu.

Wu kok (Deep fried taro dumpling)
A bite into the outer layer revealed the crispiness, followed with a fresh and hot yam paste and flavorful meat filling.

Siu Mai.
Very ordinary with reasonably stuffed marinated minced meat and prawn.

Fu Zhok Gun.
Minced meat and prawn rolled in bean curd sheet. Taste wise, and only tasted better with some sweet sauce to give an extra flavor.

Loh Mai Kai.
Glutinous rice with mushroom, chicken and flavored char siu. This loh mai kai fared a better taste with the right texture of glutinuous rice and not too oily.

Chee Cheong Fan.
I wasn’t impress with the chee cheong fan. It was not smooth, and the sauce gravy didn’t went well with the chee cheong fun.

Overall, dim sum here is more expensive compare with other dim sum shop around Puchong. Higher price doesn’t guarantee nicer dim sum. I do not plan to come back here again as the food was just average, even though they claimed that they use high quality meat callled Sakura Pork which is fresher and healthier.

Luk Yu Dim Sum
Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong,