F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchens @ Bangsar

Mentioning about Buffalo brand, many of us know that this worldly-renowned brand is famous for their stainless steel kitchenware, cookware and appliances, established since the year of 1957. Last year, Buffalo has make a step into F&B industry and opened a restaurant named F concept dining by Buffalo Kitchens at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, right above Chawan restaurant.

F by Buffalo Kitchens welcome their customers with inviting staircases written by chalk and words started with F. F for food, friends, family, fun, fantastic, freedom, etc etc etc. Make them into sentence you wil get— “Welcome to F by Buffalo Kitchens. It all started with FOOD, FAMILY, FRIENDS, FUN, FANTANSY, FUNKY, FREEDOM, FABULOUS, FRESH, FANTASTIC, etc. etc. etc.”. True enough, F by Buffalo Kitchens not only serve fabulous food and fantastic coffee, but also a great place for friends and family gathering.

More to mention, this place make their contribution in preserving the environment by using recycled PVC and wood in their floor decorations; designed with panaroma French windows to invite ample of nature light hence save energy; and using only electrical stove instead of gas stove while incorporating Buffalo kitchenware in cooking.

Some might argued that using electrical stove in cooking may cause a higher electricity cost. Yes, but not when you use Buffalo kitchenware. This is because Buffalo kitchenware has the capability of 30% more rapid heat transmission compare to others hence this can reduce the cooking time, save energy and at the same time, reduce nutrients lose in food.

We love the food-losophy of F by Buffalo Kitchens.
May we have this as our food-losophy as well?
It’s so great.

Each table is prepared with a large glass bottle of water.

F by Buffalo Kitchens used freshly roasted coffee beans imported from GaBEE Taiwan. With fresh coffee beans and well trained barista, F by Buffalo Kitchens is doing well in serving one of the best coffee in town.

Barista at work.


We had a cup of cappuccino. Came with beautiful Rosetta coffee art, the cappuccino had pleasing aroma, medium bodied, frothy and no bitter aftertaste.

For meal, we had vegetable soup, barramundi seafood risotto and ice-cream.

Vegetable soup.
Light with chunks of vegetables, this was a nice starter to warm up our stomach.
Barramundi seafood risotto.

The barramundi was pan-seared till lightly browned with delicate texture.
Risotto was al dente, rich and creamy but not mushy.

Vanilla ice-cream.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate top make the meal complete. Simple, but sinfully delicious.

Hee, for all the food above except the cappuccino which we order ala-carte, we paid only RM26, including tax and service charge.  Thanks to WeBuy.com.my for introducing this nice place with great deals. Together with this deal, we actually entitled RM10 voucher for the next visit but too bad we will be back to KL in the mid of October and the voucher is only valid until 5th October, which means the voucher will be wasted. T__T

Nevermind, we will still come back to F by Buffalo Kitchens for more coffee as well as food. We really like the cozy ambience with free wireless, magazines, books, and relaxing background music, not forgetting the creative staircases..=D. And we want to sit at the terrace section next time!!

69-1, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

Business hour  : 12pm-12am ( Mon-Sun)
Contact No.       : 03-22011710