Kissaten @ IOI boulevard

My girl : ” I want to drink Paulaner.”
Me: ” where..”
My girl: ” Kissaten”
This was the third time we dine in Kissaten.It was weird that she asked for cider instead of Tamago sandwich at Kissaten. She has been in deep-bad mood for the past one week. Very very bad I would say, the story behind? Private and confidential.
Half pint of Paulener (RM17)
Came in golden-brown, our Paulaner tasted mild, smooth, and cooling.
Tonkotsu ramen (RM16.90)
The long simmered pork bone broth was thick and creamy, with a cloudy white colour.
The bowl was huge but the portion was average. The soup tasted mediocre, the Chashu was rather plain, not tender and flavorful.  Soft-boiled egg was the only thing I like in this ramen.

Salmon steak spaghetti (RM19.90)

The pan-seared salmon was quite good, without fishy smell but I doubt the freshness. Spaghetti was al-dente, tossed with olive, onion, pepper and some herbs. It tasted OK overall but why I just can’t get a woo-wa-very-nice feeling on it?
We burnt a total of RM65++ for this meal. thanks to the Paulaner that add to the bill total..>_
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
IOI boulevard
D-G-57 & 58, Block D,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.