Breakfast @ Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang, Jln Melati, KL

KL city.
Nice hawker food.

Seem so unconnected?
But they do, when you are in the hawker stall in Bukit Bintang Market, KL.

Bukit Bintang Markets, or commonly known as Imbi Market, is located along Jalan Melati and behind Imbi Palace Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. This market wakes up as early as 6am to serve folks from all walks of life and continue until noon time.

This morning, we dragged ourselves from the bed at 9am and head to Bukit Bintang Market for breakfast. We don’t cook, so we skipped the wet market area and headed to the food stalls located at the back end of the market. Ok, not bargaining for vegetables and meat doesn’t mean we are being lazy, just because we are still students and we are not allowed to cook in the hostel. So we just EAT.. XD.

The hawker stalls area was extremely crowded, stuffy, heaty. Worse thing was all tables were occupied. We stood for about an hour before getting a table, and it was a sharing table. Remember to spot for red tables if you want to savor the famous Ah Weng Hainanese coffee and bun as the white tables are belong to the coffee shop next to it. Both of them seem to be in the competition and they are not allowing crossover. So don’t get it wrong.

Two raw eggs, place inside boiling hot water and served to us.  The tauke soh gave a little note asking us to take it out only after 5 minutes.

Egg A: Hey, it is so hot in here.

Egg B: Hanar..I want to go out!

Egg A: I am dying, how long we need to be in here?

Egg B : 5 minutes I guess. I heard the tauke soh said just now.

Egg A: T_T.

Half boiled egg.

After letting the eggs swimming in the hot water for 5 minutes, we rescued them out, broke the egg shells, let out the half cooked egg, add with pepper and soy sauce, there we had our lovely and healthy half boiled egg ready. Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Egg, we love you, you tasted so nice and irresistible.

Hainanese toasted bun.

The bun was not fluffy soft, but dry and starchy. But thanks to the generous slab of butter and kaya that melt within the hot toasted bun, they complemented the boring bun with subtle sweetness and butteriness. But to be frank, the toasted bun tasted ordinary.

Hainanese Cham ping.

We waited for a RED table seat for more than half an hour just for this famous cham ping. But it was disappointed. It tasted so diluted. Not rich, not aromatic, and not milky at all. Now I started to wonder why people are queuing so long for their toasted bun and Cham ping, I can easily get better ones at other coffee shops. All these cost RM5.

Wantan mee curry mee. (RM5)

The curry mee came in big portion with reddish looking broth, pieces of char siu, fried taufu, and vegetable siding the mee. It looked promising but too bad, it was average in taste. There was still a big gap if compared with Serdang curry mee. Not being bias, Serdang curry mee is still the best and unbeatable..hehe.

Yong taufu Chee Cheong Fan. (RM5)

My girl saw a long queue at the chee cheong fan stall. Being kepoh, she went into the queue, and hopped back happily with a plate of chee cheong fan with three small pieces of yong tau fu, drizzle with sweet sauce, chilli sauce, and sesame.

My girl: So expensive leh!

Me: How much?

My girl: you guess?

Me: RM4.

My girl: No no..RM5.

I would say that RM5 for the tiny plate of chee cheong fan was a bit steep, but I did not want to judge on the price as the standard of living in KL is higher compare to other places.

I bet you all are familiar with this popiah stall, which are now a franchise in many places such as Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley, Surai KLCC, Ikano Power Center, Alamanda Shopping Center, etc. Though getting into the franchise, I am glad that they still willing to serve their delicious popiah humbly in this busy and stuffy market.

Sisters Crispy popiah. (RM2)

The popiah looks no different from other popiah, and was brimming with sengkuang, fried shallot, sliced cucumber, crushed peanuts. But one thing that makes it different is the crispy bits that add on crunchiness to the popiah. We actually da pao it back home and the crispy bits still tasted crunchy after few hours, and not oily.

If you do not mind with the unbearable waiting and high heat, you should give a switch to wake up earlier and head to Bukit Bintang Market and some street food as breakfast? They are nonetheless equally delicious and reasonably priced. Enjoy!
Photographer: Summer

Writer: YLing