Coffee Chemistry Signature-2nd Visit @ First Subang Mall

25/11/2011 was marked with some extra notes in our calendar:

1: it is assignment pass up day ( *not so happy..)

2: It is Friday (* a little happy..)

3: It is our lovely friends, Ah Du’s and Sandi’s birthday (*yeah…happier!)

Few days before 25th, we were supposed to bury our head in assignments, but somehow we were discussing where should we go for our friends’ birthday instead. Outings are always happier than studies..hik hik.

After hours of discussion and crapping and nonsense, when someone started to complain: “Can I go write my assignment report already?”, only my girl came up with two places on where to go for dinner— The Vanilla Place or Coffee Chemistry Signature. I picked Coffee Chemistry Signature without a second doubt. No why, because this place is awesome!








Both of us got food poison the day before celebrating the birthday, I vomited and had diarrhea on Thursday and my girl vomited and had diarrhea too on the next day. Then my girl complaint that: “See la…you got food poison I also have to accompany you got food poison…so unfair…I am not going to share the same bowl of mee with you again next time..=P” ..
Aiyo so selfish de meh…XD.

After handling up our assignments and dreaming in the class for hours, and stuck in traffic jam for more than an hour, we finally reached Coffee Chemistry Signature, First Subang Mall. We were greeted by Johnson, the marketing manager of Coffee Chemisty once reached.

Everything on the menu can be their signature food so we particularly couldn’t answer when they asked: “eh..summer..wai ling..which one nicer ha?”.

In the end we ordered only pasta and rice..rice and pasta lovers.. >_

Seafood Carbonara (RM21.90)

Chicken Herb Pasta- Cream Carbonara(RM13.90)

Chicken Herb Pasta-Spicy Carbonara(RM13.90)

Birthday boy order. He cleaned the whole portion in a jiffy!

Beef Bacon Pasta(RM13.90)

My girl doesn’t like to eat RICE, but once she eats RICE, she will become very particular on the RICE she eats. Too soft not nice, too hard also not nice, really mafan nia..>_<. i think rice served in coffee chemistry is among the very few she praised at. was cooked to right timing fluffy but not too soft and flavorfully enhanced by mild taste of herb butter. even our friend having teriyaki chicken brocolli kept praising on flavorful rice. my girl said wants learn from chef how prepare butter hohoho.>

Butter Herb Rice with Sweet and Sour Fish (RM9.90)

My girl ordered this. Fish were fleshy, fresh and appetizing with the coated sweet and sour sauce. Just right for my girl who just vomited in the evening.

Butter Herb Rice with Honey Lemon Chicken ( RM8.90)

My food. Hmm, I want to tried out the beef steak recommended by Johnson but I was worried that I might vomit out everything later and wasted such a good dish, so I humbly choose a rice dish. Will try out the steak next time. Again, portion was big, with a huge size of battered chicken fried till golden crispy and drizzle with lemon sauce.

Butter Herb Rice with Spicy Assam Fish (RM10.90)

Ordered by one of the birthday boy!
Mushroom Cheese Omellete(RM6.90)

Chicken Ham Cheese Omellete(RM6.90)

We ordered two serving of omellete for sharing. Same as before, the servings were huge with generous amount cheese, just that nachos were replaced with potato chips this time. My friend loved the mango salad and she polished the entire sided salad. =). Not sure who ate the potato chips because when the plate reached my hand, the potato chips already HILANG.  (p/s: sad that frittata is still not available..>_

Man-Go Wild Shake Tea(RM9.50)

Flavor Dilmah Iced Tea (RM6.00)

Don’t doubt, Coffee Chemistry served the freshest and finest tea- Dilmah Tea.

Watermelon & Lychee Juice ( RM7.90)

Served in a tall glass, this beverage is cooling and refreshing. The drink was not sweet, because there is no sugar and artificial flavor added. 100% fruit juice, drink without worries!

Paullaner Natural (RM14.00)

We were told that Kilkenny was out of stock throughout Malaysia. So we ordered Paulaner instead. Smooth and mild, we always like this Germany brew. It was very nice for Johnson to replace my former glass with a new chilled glass, seeing that I might stay for another few hours there. I dislike room-temperature-beer. Yeah, another thumb ups for their service.

Café Latte(RM7.90)

My friend’s latte had got a beautiful rosetta. My girl wondered if she can request for a smiley face latte art the next time when she ordered her coffee during emo day?

Flavored Cappuccino (RM9.50)

The love for coffee was pampered with more love when crafted with love shaped coffee art.

Fine Iced Blended Café Mocha(RM12.50)


Complimentary Affogado from Coffee Chemistry Signature. A shot of espresso with frozen vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips, definitely one of the best Affogato in town!

After the meal, we started to look for some board games to play.

Me : eh..they have Monopoly JUNIOR.

Friend: Why JUNIOR? Easier to play?

Me: “……I also duno.”

In the end we “settled down” with Scrabble and Master Mind. Hahaha..I had not played scrabbles for more than 10 years. Later on not sure who grabbed UNO from the shelf and suddenly all of them are so into the UNO game and played round after another round, just that they never steal the UNO back home..XD.

We stayed until 11pm, took some group photos, say bye-bye to Coffee Chemistry and viola….time to back home.

This post is long, long, long…super long. The longer we write, the more we want to go back to Coffee Chemistry Signature. Nevermind, we still haven’t redeem our Groupon voucher for the lovely Graffeo coffee ..will be  back very soon!  =)

NOTE: Special thanks to Johnson, Desmond, Ryan and all the staffs in Coffee Chemistry Signature. Food is awesome, service is great, staffs are polite, everything is just nice, nice and nice. Just that, will we get to taste frittata in the next visit? heee…
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Coffee Chemistry Signature

First Subang Mall,

Jalan SS15/4G.
47500 Subang Jaya,
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm