Nagomi Shabu Shabu @ Menara Hap Seng, KL. (Invited Review)

Talking about steamboat, locations that first flashing through our mind will be Puchong and Dataran Menteri as steamboat buffets are mushrooming at these two areas, where you can actually find a steamboat shop after every few shops.
How a bout KL area? hmmmmmm…we starts scratching our head but fail to name out even a few. To us, KL is about shopping…XD
When we came across Nagomi Japanese Restaurant for a review last Saturday, we know that we have got our answer. Located at the first floor of Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur, Nagomi Japanese Restaurant served not only authentic Japanese cuisine, but also shabu-shabu steamboat at affordable price. With a classy and modern interior, Nagomi provides you a cozy dining experience with comfort food that you can hardly get in other places.
More impressively is, Nagomi is now running an all-you-can eat shabu-shabu buffet promotion at only RM32.88++ (exclusive of drinks, RM18.88++ for children aged between 5-12 years old), from 24th October 2011 onwards. With this promotional price, one gets to have over 80 varieties of steamboat ingredients, sushi, salads, sashimi, fried items, and desserts.
Tired of having steamboat with the soup boiling and bubbling but don’t get to control the heat? And you ended up having all your sefood overcooked, meat tasted tough, vegetables get paled, fishballs and sausages “swelled” to double of their size before you are able to scoop them out in time? Nagomi shabu-shabu solves your problem by providing a electrical stove with heat controllable button where you can actually perform low, medium or high heat without hassle. Through this, nutrients of the food can be maintained and the taste of your food turn to be more enjoyable.
Another thing that makes Nagomi special is their shabu-shabu pot. Each person is given an individual pot, so it is more hygiene. Nagomi has original Nagomi soup as their base. If you prefer some other fancy flavor, you can have ginger, kimuchi and spicy toban miso paste at their buffet counter and add into your original soup to get a change of flavor.

At the same dressing counter, various kings of dressings are lined up for dippings and salads such as wafu dressings (Japanese Vinaigrette), ponzu (Japanese vineger), nyonya sauce, shoyu dressing (Soy bean based dressing), goma sauce (sesame sauce), and kyuri dressing (cucumber based dressing).
When you are ready to have your shabu-shabu, turn on the electrical stove power and tune to “3′ and wait for your broth to boil. While waiting for the broth, lets go to the buffet counter and get some fresh sashimi, delicious sushi and also tempting fried items.

Don’t stuff yourself with too many sushi(s), I know they are good. Proceed to the seafood counter and choose your love. You get to have Yabby lobster, slipper lobster, half shell scallop, oyster, mussel, bamboo clam, flower crab, propret, tiger prawn, white clam, etc. etc....
Chef even specially made us one big bowl of fresh seafood to be served.

That’s all? Not yet. At Nagomi, you can have live Australian Yabby lobster. This is a seasonal items so make sure you make your trip there for the freshest lobsters before all of them are grabbed!
Get some vegetables to balance up your nutrition. cabbage, baby bak choy, white choy sum, gai lan, lettuce, spinach, yao mak, and many more. FYI, all vegetables in Nagomi are soaked in icy salt water for at least 20 minutes in aids of removing pesticides residue, dirt, insects and bacteria. The salt also helps to prevent oxidization too. Nagomi cares about you, eat safe, eat healthily.

Don’t forget to get some fishballs too as there are must-have for a shabu-shabu steamboat.
If you are a big eater, you can have some carbs..

Have a quick glance at the food we had:
How to “play” with the swish swish game? First, dip your meat into the hot boiling broth, then swish it back and forth for less than a minute. Violaa.. you have your meat cooked. Dip with your preference sauces for a better taste. Tips: You are encouraged to cook mushrooms and vegetables before meat in order to enhance the broth’s flavor and to bring out the taste of your meat.

You can choose between beef, chicken, duck and lamb. Ouu.. did I mentioned duck? Yes..they have duck meat, which I rarely seen in a shabu-shabu. All the meat are sliced thinly using a meat slicer, in order to allow meats to get cooked faster.

The rarely-seen-duck-meat.
At 8-9pm, there will be a Happy Hour session where you can have unlimited freshly cut salmon at the sushi counter. Act quickly and get your share before they go into other people’s stomach.
If you have more rooms in your stomach after your meal, you can have some desserts. The varieties are limited but delicate.

To quench your thrist, one can opt for green tea (refillable) or glass of fruit juice, freshly squeezed without additional sugar and water, that guarantee you the 100% freshness.
Alternatively, if you like beer, you will get merrier with their offers of a bucket of Carlsberg at only RM30++.

Debbie, the Advertising & Promotion Senior Executive. She was very friendly and very cute too. =D

And our Head Chef, Jack Chan!
Photos of the day.
We were greeted warmly by Debbie from Advertising & Promotion and the chef, Jack Chan that night before the eating feast start.
Nice meeting with Chia Yee and her friend, Shank.
One can actually purchase Japanese wafu dressing and salad dressing at the payment counter.
Feeling tired of having shabu-shabu steamboat in a stuffy restorant, that makes you smelt so terrible after walking out from your steamboat meal? If your answer is YES, then it’s time for you to give a swap to shabu-shabu at Nagomi Japanese Restauran.

Choose Nagomi Shabu-shabu, then you can sit comfortably in the fully air-conditioned environment, enjoying your shabu-shabu without the need of a single drop of sweat, at only RM32.88++.
Details of the buffet are as follows:

Shabu-shabu buffet:
Adult: RM32.88++
Children 5-12 years od: RM18.88++
(excluding drinks)

Available time:
Weekdays (6.00pm-10.00pm)
Weekends & public holidays (12.00pm- 2.30pm, 6.00pm-10.00pm)
(Open on Sunday as well)

Parking in Menara Hap Send is at a flat rate of RM3 after 5pm, weekends and public holidays.

Draught Promotion:
Carlsberg beer per bucket ( 5 bottles) : RM30++

Seasonal item:
Live Australian Yabbly lobster

Nagomi Shabu-shabu
Menara Hap Seng,
Suite 1-19, 1st floor, The Podium,
Jaln P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.




Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

NOTE: This is an invited review. Comments are based on personal taste. Thanks to Andrew, Debbie and Ivy for the invitation. =D