Porridge Time @ Sunway Pyramid

After few days of diarrhea and vomiting, we found that there is nothing much can be digested by our stomach. All food seemed to be disgusting. So on the lovely Sunday evening, we humbly headed for a simple and safe meal that probably won’t make us vomit—- porridge at Porridge Time, Asean Avenue Sunway Pyramid.
We ordered a plate of fish cake and farm frog porridge.

Farm frog porridge (RM8.80)
Taste wise, with ample of farm frog served in the claypot, this is not the best porridge I had eaten. My girl said her mum can cook better than that. The porridge was not smooth and fragrant enough.

Fish cake(RM5.50)
Feeling to have some fish cake, I ordered this, though the price was on the high side and not worth ordering. My girl hence kept mumbling on the price, saying that so expensive why I wanted to order.
Beside serving they have different types of noodles as well. You can have your meal alongside with some yau char kuey, ma kiok, or ham jin peng. Not a bad place for simple meal, especially during a cold day.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Porridge Time
LOT 187-189,
First Floor Asean Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.