onde onde Restaurant @ Waterfront, Desa Park City (Invited Review)

Growing up in a Nyonya household with strong food culture, this has consequently led to the birth of onde onde restaurant by Paul Khong. Located at Desa Park City, onde onde serves authentic nyonya and local delights, using the recipes from family’s cookbook. With owner’s mother hails from Melaka and late father from Penang, it can be certain that food serves here will not fail from the authentic Nyonya taste.

The interior is simple. Walls painted in blue adjoining with red, couples of wooden chairs and marble tables, and arrays of ceramic pots and plates on wall.
Japanese Cucumber Sour Plum Juice. (RM5.90)
Taste like ambra sour plum juice, but this one is replaced with Japanese cucumber, not too sweet and very refreshing.
Hot coffee. (RM2.80)
Using coffee beans originated from Ipoh, the coffee spread out a nice aroma once it is placed on the table.
Grilled Toast with Duck Egg Kaya & Butter. (RM2.80)
A nice coffee must always followed with nice toast. What makes the toast here special is their homemade kaya using duck egg, coconut milk and gula melaka as the essential ingredient, as it is believe that the duck eggs will fare a better taste compare to chicken eggs. According to my girl who has seen her grandmother cooking kaya before, preparing kaya is very tiring job as careful look of the fire and continuous stirring is needed to avoid the kaya to get burnt and over caramelized.
Hence I do appreciate the effort of onde onde restaurant in preparing the best homemade kaya using the best ingredient just to have it as the spread for toasted bread, and sell at such a reasonable price.
A more-than-words toast that reflex the extra efforts in behind, I LIKE.
Onde-onde. (RM3.80)
I always like the feeling of gula melaka syrup oozing out from the soft pandan dough and fill my mouth when eating onde-onde. With soft and chewy dough, this one doesn’t fail too but it will be better to have more palm sugar filling. Do look for many other Nyonya kuih choices available in onde onde such as kuih sago, kuih talam, angku, pulut tai tai, malai koh and more, all made by the mother’s of owner.
Penang Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn Paste. (RM6.90)
It is pretty hard to get Penang chee cheong fun around Selangor and KL area as they are mostly plain chee cheong fun pair with yong tau fu. One of my friends from Penang who misses home all the time has always asked me where can she get chee cheong fun with har gou in Selangor and I basically can’t answer this question. But now, I can certainly answer her question by recommending onde onde restaurant.
Ladled with har gou and drizzled with minced dried shrimps and sesame, the chee cheong fun is smooth and decent. I have always afraid of the strong taste of har gou but surprisingly onde onde’s combination turns out to be delightful for me. There is also a side of sambal to give an extra kick to the chee cheong fun.
Asam laksa. (RM9.90)
Being the signature dish in onde onde, asam laksa here truly worth the crown. With the sourish slightly overtake the spiciness, it will definitely trigger your taste bud. Sipping into the flavorful broth with big pieces of Mackerel fish, slippery noodles, pineapple cubes, shredded cucumber, shredded onion, and mint leaves give an extra joy in having the laksa. Add in prawn paste if desired to top up the flavor.
Prawn Mee [ Mee Yoke]. ( RM9.90)
I like shrimps, but I don’t eat prawn mee as I can’t stand the heavy shrimp taste in the broth, even the smell makes me sick. Everytime when my girl says she wants to eat prawn mee, I will say: “You eat, I see you eat enough already..XD “. But since she was not here on my trip to onde onde, I had to brave myself and taste on behalf of her. Haha. I was a little taken back when I tried out the broth, it was not bad at all! A balance sweetness from the prawn and spiciness made me took another few mouthful of the broth, hehe. A recipe developed by the mother of onde onde’s owner and improved with the help of mother in law, this bowl of prawn mee can no doubt full with love and sincere in preparation. However, I would prefer vermicelli instead of yellow mee.
Special Fried Rice + Curry Laksa Combo. (RM15.90)
Want to taste more at the same time? Try their combo set which consists of a plate of fried rice, curry laksa, stirred fried mengkuang with carrot, spring rolls and onde-onde. For small eaters, these combo is good enough to shared by two persons.
Fried rice.
Tastewise, the portion is slightly small and the rice is not fluffy enough.
Curry laksa.
Their curry laksa is generously loaded with pieces of chicken, prawns, quater of egg, fried bean curd, long beans, bean sprouts and shredded chicken. The soup is heavy and thick, but can be more spicy.

Stir Fried Mengkuang.
Spring roll.
After the heavy food, it is time for some Nyonya style desserts to sum up the meal.
Sago Gula Melaka (RM4.90)
Sago bathing in coconut milk and gula melaka.
Don’t fooled by its plain look, it actually taste refreshing and I like it.
Signature Onde Onde Durian Dessert. (RM7.90)
Shaved ice with grass jelly, chendol, showered with fresh milk, gula melaka and topped with D24 durian paste, I will claim it as a humble but luxury dessert. I love this dessert as I like durian so much but I guess my girl will run away seeing the durian, hahaha.
Overall, it is great to know that there is a new place serving authentic Nyonya cuisine .Try venturing into onde onde restaurant to give a twist of flavor to savor some Nyonya food when you get bored with the ample Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Western cuisine out there. You will not get regret with it.
p/s: Thanks to onde onde restaurant and Ivy from FOOD for the invitation.
Writer: YLing
Photographer: Summer
Onde Onde Restaurant
GF-03A, Ground Floor,
Waterfront @ Parkcity 5,
Persiaran Residen,
Desa Park City,
52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-62807419