Wok Dish Way Chinese Cuisine @ Kota Damansara (Invited Review)

Located at Kota Damansara, Wok Dish Way served a wide variety of tasty Chinese home cooked food, with Lei Cha (擂茶) as their signature dish. Having a traditional recipe passed down by the family generations in hand, you can surely get an authentic bowl of Lei Cha here. This shop, named “buzhidao” in Chinese, seems to have the homophonic of bu zhi dao (不知道/ don’t know), making this shop much easier to be remembered. So next time when your friends ask what would you like to have for dinner and you answer ” bu zhi dao”, then he/she will know where to bring you go — that’s buzidao(步滋道) or Wok Dish Way! =)

Iced Blended Cucumber Lemon. (RM6.90)
Dragon Fruit Juice (RM5.00)
BuZiDao LeiCha with fried rice / 步滋道擂茶炒饭. (RM9.40)

Lei cha consists the mix of tea leaves and herbs that are ground or pounded together with various nuts, seeds, and grains. It can be poured over the rice mixed with some side ingredients such as stirred fried long beans, bean curds, raddish to give a wholesome flavor. Some said that the rice taste better with more lei cha but for those who couldn’t stand the smell and taste of lei cha will stay away from it, and I am the one who did not really fond of the taste of lei cha. It is really another ” either you like it or you hate it” dish.
Side dishes for lei cha.

BuZiDaoLeiCha / 步滋道擂茶. (RM7.90)
I tried to be adventurous and add a little more green tea soup into my rice, but still failed to like it. Lei cha is really not my cup of tea. But no doubt it is simple, healthy, low in calorie, high in fiber and antioxidant.

Sweet Potato Porridge.
Wok Dish give you a choice within porridge or rice to go with your main dishes.

Special TeoChew Fried KueyTiao / 招牌蛋香潮州果条.  (RM7.90)
When this dish came, I thought it was some kind of  pan fried omelette with special gravy. But I was told that the dish was Special TeoChew Fried Kuey Tiao. Kuey tiao??  Why I didn’t see any? When they cut off the omelette, I saw kuey teow revealing themselves beneath it. Interesting. The chef actually stirred fried the flat noodles first, then wrapped them within a pan fried to golden colour omelette, and ladled with some thick gravy that came with lots of ingredients such as vegetables, fish cake slices, sliced meat and prawn. I liked the brilliant idea of wrapping the kuey teow within the omelette instead of scramble the beaten egg with gravy, which was the usual “wat dan hor” cooking way. Another thing that added mark to it was the dish wasn’t oily at all, making it resembled a healthy “wat dan hor”. 
Curry Chicken / 咖喱鸡. (RM8.90)
Fully absorbing the flavor of curry, the chicken was flavorful with tenderness retained, and sided with lovely potato cubes. I liked the gravy for it was thick and coconut creamy but would taste more “omphh” if levelled up the spiciness.
Claypot Vinegar Pork’s Trotter / 砂煲猪脚醋. (RM11.90)

Smelling this already made my saliva start dropping, the sourness and pungent taste of the gravy really opened up my appetite. The sour and sweet gravy with the taste of ginger made me craved for another bowl of rice. The pork trotters tasted moist and succulent after a long cook with black vinegar. Note that only 10 persons’ portion would be served each day, so act fast if you want to taste the good of their vineger pork trotter.

Herbal Chicken Soup comes with rice / 药材鸡. (RM10.90)

Simmering for more than 6 hours, this soup was no doubt fully infused with the goodness of chicken essence and herbal. Though the soup looked darker in colour, it tasted thin and clear, sipping into the soup really warm up my stomach. Instant comfort to a soup lover like me. =D

Golden Meat Rolls / 黄金肉卷. (RM8)
Marinated minced meat rolled with bean curd sheet and deep fried till crispy then served pipping hot, this was definitely one of my favourite dish that night.Though being deep fried, the meat roll still able to have the juiciness of meat locked within the crispy outer layer, not bad.

Nanru Pork / 南乳炸肉 – RM8 (small) / RM15 (big)

Marinated with “nam yu” or fermented bean curd and deep fried into dark golden brown, these nam yu pork was pretty addictive and I just couldn’t stop putting one after another piece into my mouth. Gosh.. another few more piece will add another fat layer to my waistline.. -.-|||

Red Bean Soup. (RM2.90)

The meal ended with a bowl of lovely red bean soup to balance out the oiliness of the mains we had. Tasted moderately sweet with still-can-be-seen red beans give an extra chew. Too bad there was no dry tangerine peel added in it, else I would have another bowl for it.

Photographer: Summer

Writer: YLing
Wok Dish Way Chinese Cuisine
Jalan PJU 5/10,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.
Facebook: Wok Dish Way FB
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