Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid (Invited Review)

Embarking in Mid Valley since 2010, Brozeit is now proudly announcing their second outlet in Malaysia, which is located at Sunway Pyramid. The restaurant is right beside the main entrace of Sunway Pyramid, directly opposite to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. Brozeit is a typical Bavarian expression where “Brot” means bread and “Zeit” for time, which generally means a cozy meal complemented by fresh beer. True as the restaurant is named, Brozeit serves the best Bavarian cuisine, serving up grasroots cuisine from the south-eastern state of Germany. At the same time, Brozeit also offers a wide range of premium biers from the Paulener family of beers, where this beers are imported directly from Munich Germany, fresh from the tap, and you can only get this in Brozeit. Cool.
The interior was cozy, with wooden tables, tall chairs and streched benches. The bar was extensive with chilling beer waiting for beer lover.
Coffee Latte
Meeresfruchtesalat / Seafood Salad (Regular – RM46, Small – RM28)
A bowl of mixed salad with smoked salmon, seared tuna, prawns, semi-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled zucchini, orange wedges and sour cream tossed with house dressing.
The serving was generous, with big pieces of smoked salmon and seared tuna being spread all over the bowl.
Backhendlsalat / Crispy Chicken Salad (Regular – RM36, Small – RM24)
Other than seafood based salad, Brozeit also offered mixed salad with crispy chicken fillet, potato salad, semi-dried tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers and pumpkin seed oil tossed with house dressing.
Though looking normal, the crispy chicken fillet, however, was surprisingly outstanding with the flavourful taste.
Brettljause / Cold Platter (for 3 pax) – (RM78)
Typical Bavarian mixed cold platter presented on a wooden board with pork belly, leg ham, hunter sausage, smoked chicken ham, obatzda cheese, green bell peppers and gherkins served with a selection of German breads.
Being one of the signature dishes of Brozeit, the cold platter was a hit that night and being polished clean in a jiffy.
Griebenschmalz / Bacon Spread (RM23)
Rustic Bavarian spread made out of crunchy bacon, apples and onions.The spread was meaty, porky and creamy. Eating the spread alone was too heavy, spread on a piece of German bread made the whole thing nice.
Brotkorb / Basket of Selected German breads (RM9.00)
Fresh bread that tasted so awesome with the bacon spread.
BrotzeitfladeSpinat / Spinach Pizza (RM30)
Huge serving of thin crust pizza layered with tomato sauce, spreaded with vine ripened tomatoes, baby spinach, onions, garlic, button mushrooms, feta cheese and topped with mozzarella cheese.
Too thin to feel the pizza base, and it was a little oily.
Schweinshaxn / Pork Knuckle (for 2 to 3 person) – RM85
Crispy hind shank of grain fed pork served with potato salad, sauerkraut with knuckle gravy on the side.
The pork knuckle looked so inviting once it reached the table.
And of course, it tasted really delicious.
The pork knuckle was roasted to perfection with the crunchy skin, flavourful meat and gooey fat layered in within .  
Shine of the sauerkraut serving beside the pork knuckle wasn’t driven away by the delicious pork knuckle.
It tasted subtly and tangy, giving a contrasting flavour to the pork knuckle.
Mashed potato was good too, with pieces of potato within the mashed to give an extra texture.
Schweinerippchen / Pork Ribs (RM89, 1/2 ribs for RM55)
Comes in two choices – the Original and the Smoked Honey.
Another saliva drops mains from Brozeit which was hard to resist.
Tucking into this succulent, smoky and well roasted pork ribs was such a pleasure, and I declared that I had failed in fighting my diet against this behemothic pork ribs.

Schwenkgemuse / Sauteed Mixed Vegetables (RM9)
Lightly sauteed, the mixed vegetable put some balance to the abundant meat and fat that went into our stomach that night.
Kartoffelhappen / Spicy Potato Wedges (RM11)
Brozeit did well in their light snack too.
Deep fried to golden crispy and served hot, the potato wedges were hard to stop biting into, very good to go with some beer.
Here you go for the imported German beer available in Brozeit. 
A must highlighted is that all beers served at Brotzeit are brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516, 100% natural, made with pure spring water and imported from Germany. Hence the good quality of beer served in Brozeit in undoubtable.
From left to right:
i) Original Munchn er Urtyp (lager bier)
Paulaner Original Munchner Urtyp is brilliant gold in colour. Beer connoisseurs very much appreciate its full body and abundant flavour.
ii) Hefe – Weissbier (wheat bier)
Paulaner, the No. 1 Weissbier in Germany. The typical beer from Munich: top fermented, unfiltered, made with wheat malt. Naturally cloudy with vitamins and hints of banana.
iii) Dunkel Hefe – Weissbier (wheat bier)
Paulaner, a full bodied beer from Munich. Chestnut-brown, naturally cloudy, top fermented and unfiltered, made with roasted wheat malt.
iv) Original Munchner Dunkel (dark lager)
Paulaner, a dark lager beer from Munich. Characteristics ruby brown hue comes from caramel malt and is filled with a rich malt sweetness.
All biers comes in 4 sizes: Klein(0.3L), Halbe(0.5L), Mass(1L), and Trophy(3L).
Klein – RM14(Happy Hour), RM20(Regular)
Halbe – RM23(Happy Hour), RM29(Regular)
Mass – RM50(Happy Hour), RM58(Regular)
Trophy – RM168(Happy Hour), RM168(Regular)
Bayrische Creme (RM12)
Very soft, light Bavarian vanilla creme sitting on berry sauce,  layered with chocolate sauce and drizzled with almonds flakes.
White Crispy Chocolate Lava Cake (RM20)
Cutting through the cake revealed the warm and gooey melted “lava”. Spooned up the cake with melted white chocolate, add on a dollop of  berry sauce and had everything in one go. I couldn’t find a reason for not liking this sinful dessert.
Schokoladen Mousse (RM19)
Very smooth, melt-in-mouth white chocolate mousse with forest berry sauce.
The very handsome and charming executive chef from Brozeit, Mr.Helmut.
You might think that the price was slightly on the high side, and I admit that it was if you were just looking for an ordinary dinner to fill your stomach. But believe me, everything here was superb and the food and portion truly worth the price you paid for. So, hang over and give yourself a treat with Brozeit German cuisine and a sip of Paulaner when you were in Sunway Pyramid.
Photographer: Summer
Brozeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant
OB K4, Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway.
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 03-5638 5516/5517
Business hours: (Mon-Thurs, Sun) 11.00am-12.00pm
                      (Fri-Sat) 11.00am-1.00am