Parent’s Day Treat @ Imperial Garden Restaurant (Invited Review)

Both Mom and Dad never failed to provide mutritious meals on the table throughout our growing up years, so this Parents’ Day Tai Thong Group is offering a way to appreciate our parents by treating them to a feast that is worthy of their love and devotion.
Beginning 5th May until 17th June 2012, the chefs at Tai Thong restaurants will be firing up the kitchen and serving some of the best Chinese and Cantonese dishes such as Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with shredded Abalone and Dried Scallops, Roasted Pigeon, Steamed Turbot Fish and more.
There will be four Parents’ Day set menu ranging from RM438++ per 6 persons and RM688++ for 10 persons. Each set menu comes with a complimentary bottle of house pour red wine, while those who purchase the menu for 10 persons can enjoy the complimentary red wine plus six cans of chilled beer.

For a fancier meal, Tai Thong’s signature roasted suckling pig will be available for half the usual price at RM160 (usual price is RM320).

Let’s get your eyes wide opened with Tai Thong’s Parents’ Day Set Menu:
This Five Happiness Platter comes with five different dim sum- like dishes.
Following the Five Happiness will be the tummy warming shark fin soup. Tasting so rich and wholesome with the subtle sweetness from shredded abalone, dried scallops, and shark fin’s, this soup is excellence, needless to say.
Palm size pigeon perfectly roasted to golden crispy finish, with juiciness locked in between, making the meat tasted so tender. An earthy and deeply satisfying dish that you would definitely crave for the second one after the first bite.
Unlike the normal steamed fish that usually comes in a whole, the chef creatively sliced out the flesh and arrange the deboned fish slices back into the shape of a fish. This delicacy not only eliminate the mess of eating fish, but also gives you an extraordinary taste along with mushroom and ham.
The fresh water prawns is lightly deep fried to lock the juiciness, and quickly stirred fried with special sauce and served to table with rice vermicelli in Casserole. Prawns are fresh, bouncy and juicylicious, with the sweet, sour and spicy taste interlacing each other, this dish is undoubtedly appetizing.
A very presentable dish with brocolli, stewed sliced Chilean abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom and carrot, finished with a ladle of thick gravy.
Delicately absorbs the fragrance and sweetness from the lotus leaves, the glutinous rice is aromatic, and the taste is further enhanced with the essence from dried shrimp, mushroom and bacon bits. Served in individual mini portion, no greasiness will arise from this delicacy.
A very rehydrating, warm and healthy soya bean soup, with extra texture from the chewy glutinous rice dumpling and hasma jelly.
Osmanthus Jelly with Seaweed Jelly is served at the end of the meal.
Extra perks will be given to TT Card members when they order the Parents’ Day set menus. For every order of the menu for 6 persons, they can enjoy a free bowl of Chilled Ginseng Jelly with King Red Dates dessert (worth RM18.80), and those who order for 10 persons can enjoy two free bowls. On top of that, a complimentary ‘Gift of Wellness’ voucher for either VibeFit Detoxification Therapy (worth RM300) or 50% discount on Illuminating Face Spa (normal price at RM250) will be given to TT Gold Card Members, and two ‘Gift of Wellness’ vouchers for TT Platinum Card members.
The Parents’ Day set menus are available at all participating Tai Thong restaurants. For more information about set menus, please call Tai Thong customer care line at 1800-88-2338 or log on to the website at or Facebook page at
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Imperial Garden Restaurant

7th Floor, Intan Square,
No.3, Lorong Utara C,
46200 Petaling Jaya.