Snowflake Coco Ono @ IOI Boulevard

Knowing that Snowflake is coming out with the new flavor- Coco Ono, we headed the Snowflake branch at IOI boleuvard to try it out at the launching day. Happily purchased the new flavor, we hurried for a sit at the end corner of the shop.
Coco-Ono (RM6.90)
The Coco-Ono has a bed of coconut ice topped with five taro balls, baby pearl, sweet potato and their new Okinawan Sweet Potato. The toppings were so stingy that my girl was generally complaint the numbers of taro balls given throughout the whole ice eating session. There was only five taro balls and it was exactly the same as seen in the poster. OK la, no cheating, so we couldn’t really blame Snowflake. But a few more taro balls won’t make any lose huh?
My girl: ” They should have given me more..T_T.. I want my taro balls..”
But to be frank, the quality in Snowflake had significantly dropped after they started mushrooming around KL and Selangor area. The new taste, didn’t surprise us as well but was a total let down instead. The bed of coconut ice tasted like frozen coconut milk, and the taro balls somehow not chewy as before. Plus, we like their sweet potato and tapioca always but the sweet potato in our bowl that night wasn’t moist and sweet, a true disappointment.
Luckily we were given a small cup of Gula Melaka syrup to enhance the taste, but we still failed to finish the bowl of Coco Ono. It tasted really bad.
Me: ” I don’t want to try on their new flavor next time liaw”
My girl: ” aiyoh..angry already..XD”
We better stick to their Bestseller and Sea Amber Jelly next time to avoid disappointment, though they didn’t taste as good any more.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: Yling
G-15, IOI Boulevard,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong.
Business Hours: (Sun-Thurs) 1pm-11pm
                       (Fri-Sat) 1pm-12am