Henry Cook @ SS2 Mall (Invited Review)

After two successful outlets in Singapore, with the name Instanbul Gourment, Henry Teo, a multiple award winning chef, who is also one of the top chefs at Singapore’s Hyatt Hotel and famed for his ice sculptures, has bring in their their family business into Malaysia December last year. The first outlet is located at SS2 Mall, named Henry Cook and is run by the son of Henry, Jeremy, a capable young man. The restaurant features Asian Fusion, Baba Nyonya and Turkish food that will surely bring joys to your tummy.

Last Wednesday, we had the chance to savour few dishes at Henry Cook, and it was a pleasant one. Though first time being in SS2 Mall, we didn’t have problem reaching the restaurant. It is pretty easy to be located, just head over to the lower ground floor and went out to a street similar to The Curve The Street, you will see their red colour entrance and Henry Cook’s logo with two chillis..=). Why two chillis? Continue reading the post to find out?
Henry Cook Laksa (Without Egg- RM6.90, With Egg- RM7.90)
The first dish served was the signature Nyonya laksa. Different from the local curry laksa, Henry Cook Laksa is very thick, creamy, but not too spicy. Portion is value for money, for the amount of rice noodles (lai fun) and toppings of bean sprouts, sliced rice cake, hard boiled egg, kebab chicken, laksa leaves and sambal chilli. Henry Cook says: “No one leaves Henry Cook without trying Our Legendary Singapore Nyonya Laksa”, so make sure you try the noodles, you’ll have no regrets.
Most of the mains in Henry Cooks comes with a choice of yellow fragrant rice or baked herb potatoes, where both are prepared using lots of herbs and spices.
Stuffed Chicken Roll (With Yellow Fragrant Rice- RM15.90, With Baked Herb Potatoes -RM16.90)
Being an award winning dish at Food Asia, you don’t have to put a second thought in ordering this dish. Marinated with their own secret recipe, rolled with carrots and oven cooked to perfection, the stuffed whole chicken thigh is very tender and flavorful, tastes even better when dipping with their signature dressing and brown sauce. The dish comes along with crisp lettuce and mixed salad.

Beef Stew (With Yellow Fragrant Rice -RM18.00, With Baked Herb Potatoes – RM19.00)
The savory and rich stew comes in a hearty portion, with potatoes, big chunks of beef, carrots, tomatoes, green bean served in a cute little steel pot. The dish is sided with crisp lettuce and mixed salad, giving an extra nutrient to this traditional one-pot-meal.
Beef Bomb
12oz of minced beef stuffed with hard boiled egg and halved, topped with black pepper sauce upon  serving. The patty is juicy and packed with flavour, just one let down is the overpowered beefy taste.Thanks to the black pepper sauce for masking the beefy taste partially, making the whole dish still decent.
Crispy Fish Batter (With Yellow Fragrant Rice – RM16.00, With Baked Herb Potatoes- RM17.00)
To me, Crispy Fish Batter is Henry Cook’s version ” Fish and Chips”. Instead of having just deep fried battered fish with boring fries, Henry cook has the ultimate dory fish deep fried untill golden brown, and served with Sambal, lime, Signature Power Chilli, mixed salad and a choice of pototoes/yellow fragrant rice on the side. Eating sambal with deep fried fish fillet is a new experience and it isn’t bad at all .

You might be wondering why every dish comes with a plate of chilli sauce. Don’t look down at the small bowl of Signature Power Chilli, as it is really spicy, fiery, sourish, appetizing and most importantly, it is made in-house using more than 20 types of secret ingredients. And the two chillis on their logo is signifying the Signature Power Chilli sauce, which is available only at Henry Cook.=)
Potato Special (RM12.00)
Though being big portion, this dish is wholesome with roasted chicken kebab, bake herb potatoes, and mixed salad comes together in a plate. We especially like the salad made from cubed cucumber, celery, carrot, split beans, eating that makes me feel oh-so-healthy.
Rice Special (RM11.00)
Roasted chicken kebab with yellow fragrant rice and mixed salad. Big portion and suitable for those who wants a fulfilling meal.

Mango Float Cake
The meal ended with a beautiful dessert having beautiful taste.The dessert has layers of crushed nuts, float cake and mango chunk, with an interesting taste between ice cream, egg custard, cream and cake. Can’t imagine? Get yourself one at Henry Cook.
All the food here comes in big portion and worth every penny you pay. I don’t mind paying another visit to Henry Cook for a decent meal, especially the Nyonya Laksa and Mango Float Cake.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Henry Cook
LG-54, Lower Ground Floor,
SSTwo Mall, Jalan SS2/72,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact : 03-79541125
Facebook: Henry Cook