Andes BYO @ Aman Suria (Invited Review)

Pork chop, pork burger, pork ribs, pork knuckle, pork sausages, vinegar pork trotters, etc. etc.. no matter which one is your favourite, the love for pork never ends. And both of us love all of them, but of course it need to be delicious. The hunt for restaurants serving good pork dishes continues and two weeks ago, we went for a porky feast at Andes BYO. Andes is a small restaurant located in Aman Suria and famous for their pork burger, and everything on the menu is priced reasonably and will not burn a hole in your pocket. The BYO means “Bring Your Own” , meaning you can bring your own wine, whisky, beer or any beverage to enjoy together with your lip smacking pork dishses, with little corkage charge.

The interior is very homey, with vintage decorations that allow you to sit back and relax after a tiring working day.

Mushroom Soup-main (RM12.90)
We had a thick, creamy and tummy warming mushroom soup before started off with the porky feast.
Pork Satay (RM12.90)
Comes in a total of 10 sticks, every satay has thick chunks of meat from the lean and fat part equally, unlike those pork satay in hawker fare, which is slimmer and smaller in size. Nice but a little tough, I still like satays that is grilled with more charred surface. The sauce is creamy, spicy, peanuty and my girl likes the sauce more than the satay.

Ketupat that comes along with satay, good to balance up the greasiness of satay.

Satay Sauce.

Daddy Dry Pork Chilli (RM15.90)
I have no idea why the dish is called Daddy Dry Pork Chilli but I can’t doubt that the catchy name do make me want to order it. Luckily we have it on the table, as it is really scrumptious and very much alike to our Chinese pork rendang. Flavourful, hot and spicy, this Daddy Dry Pork Chilli will definitely keep your palate ablaze. Give me a bowl of rice please!
Pork Burger (RM14.90)
Try on the porkilicious burger with cheesy surprise!
With very thick pork patty, tomato and mayo sandwiched within two round buns, the burger looks simple and unimpressive. However, once taking a deep bite into the burger I could feel the gooey melted cheese oozing out from the juicy, moist and chunky patty, sinfully delicious.

Aussie Burger (RM14.90)
Again, with taste better than the presentation, you certainly have to indulge in the Aussie Burger to know how good it is. Made from ground beef and pork then pan fried, the patty is thick, juicy and moist. And without much frills from the seasoning and overpowered sauces, the Aussie Burger allows you savor the very original taste of patty combining the goodness of beef and pork. Wondering if you would be full from the thick but not-so-big burger, wallop the sided fries and coleslaw, you will feel quite full by then.

BarbeQue Pork Ribs (RM37.90)
We are surprise to see the very huge servings of Barbeque Pork Ribs. Believe me, it is really big portion. Unless you are a real big eater, do order it for sharing. This pork ribs are meaty, tender and smoky with the tangy BBQ sauce glazing the pork ribs, so finger licking good. Yummy..
Mashed Potato.
Porky Pork Grill (RM17.90)
Big slab of pork chop that is well marinated and grilled, served with spaghetti and coleslaw. Delicious and flavorlocked down, taste the original first before drizzle in some sauce to give more flavor.

Andes also serves some non-pork dishes, considering some customers who are not the fan of pork. =)

Grilled Lamb Chops (RM19.90)
A great portion of lamb chop grilled nicely with garlic slices and chilli to spice up the overall taste, giving a wonderful exotic flavor. The grilled lamb chop is served with spaghetti and coleslaw, definitely a money valued dish.

5 Sea Pasta (RM17.90)
Want to have a taste from the sea? Try on their al dente 5 sea pasta which has 5 types of seafood namely mussels, prawns, squid, clams and fish sauté with spaghetti in aglio alio style.

Not the best tiramisu I had tasted but good enough to end the meal with a sweet note.
With competition from the nearby restaurants which also serves pork dishes, Andes however, is able to continuously gain popularity among diners, with regular customers keep coming back. Considering the price and taste, Andes BYO is a pretty good place to satisfy your pork craving day.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Andes BYO
Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel no: 03 7804 3732