Bai Nien Hot Pot (百年老火锅) @ Kota Damansara (Invited Review) [CLOSED DOWN]

Another steamboat restaurant is opening in Kota Damansara, opposite the famous chilli pan mee shop. What makes the steamboat shop different from others is their Signature Bai Nien soup base, which is boiled freshly everyday for more than 6 hours using pork bone. What makes the soup more special is, the soup is a recipe inherited from the restaurant owner’s grandmother’s grandmothers, which means the soup has been pass down for more than 6 generations, which is more than 100 years. Hence this is how the shop got her name, “Bai Nien”, which means 100 years in Chinese.
The steamboat shop offers a variety of steamboat sets according to the number of people. But if you prefer ala-carte, they also have seafood, fishballs, vegetables, meat that you can order separately. That night, a gang of us tried out their premium sets, and some side dishes.
Premier Set Menu 精选套餐 (RM30.50/ set)

The premium set menu can cater 4 persons, which is more than enough if you are small eaters, as the set come piling high with ingredients such as dumpling, fish, prawns, fish mee, fu zhok, fish balls, yam, cabbage, tau bok, eggs, yee mee, mee hun, quail eggs..etc..definitly will make your jaw drop.
Not to forget the thinly sliced beef and pork meat that comes with the premium set, allowing you to have a shabu shabu experience.
left: Bai Nien Soup 百年老火汤, right: Tomyam soup 冬炎汤
There are three types of soup base to choose from, which is tomyam soup, clear soup and bai nien soup. Both the tom yam soup and clear soup is free of charge, while the Bai Nien soup is priced at RM8.90. 

Other than steamboat, there’s also a variety of side dishes that you can order to fill your growling stomach while waiting for the soup base to boil, or merely as extra snack if you aren’t full enough.

Fried Chicken Wing 炸鸡翅膀 (RM2.50/wing)
 Fermented beancurd is used while marinating the chicken wing, hence giving an intenso flavor to the chicken wings. However the fermented beancurd taste is way too strong for some customers, hence the owner improves the recipe with lighter fermented beancurd to cater the taste of general. For current recipe, you can’t really taste the fermented beancurd, but the fried chicken wing is so dainty and addictive that you will automatically chopstick for another wing after the first one. Gumss even the very little amount of fermented beancurd magically tone up the taste of the fried chicken wings?
Fried Dumpling 炸水饺 (Small- RM6.50/ Large-RM13)
Homemade using the freshest ingredient and fried to golden brown, thu dumplings are crispy outside and oozing with juickness inside, simple but delicious. Look no different from any other fried dumplings, but the fresh ingredients used for fillings prove you the difference. 
Taiwan Sausages 炸台湾香肠 (RM8.90)
Fried Seafood Taufu 海鲜豆腐 (Small- RM6/ Large-RM12)
The Taiwanese Sausages are lip smacking, while the Fried Seafood Taufu is a little pale compared to other snacks.
Hot Dog with Onion 大葱炒香肠 (RM8.90)
Mini frankfurters stirred fried with onions. Like the smoky taste from the frankfurtezs charred surface, coupled well with the aromatically stir fried onions.
Fried Lala Mee Hoon 拉拉炒米粉 (Small-RM18/ Large-RM28)
Still not full from the steamboat and snack? Then try out their Fried Lala Mee Hoon that is generously loaded with fresh lala. The fried mee hoon, though lack of wok hei, it is infused with the sweetness of lala and full with the taste of home.

Pandan Cooler 冰冷班兰 (RM3.00)

Seeing that eating steamboat is very heaty, the owner uses pandan leaves to boil this Pandan Cooler, add with basil seeds and ice cubes to make into a cool and refreshing drinks. Taste like barley drink, it is highly recommended by the owner while eating steamboat, to cool down the body heat.

All in all, Bai Nien Hot Pot is not bad, and we especially like the Pandan Cooler, which is very special and rarely seen in other steamboat restaurants. Other than the Bai Nien Soup, the Clear Soup which is boiled from anchovies, is very delicate as well. For snacks, I strongly recommended the Fried Chicken Wing and I believe you will like it.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Bai Nien Old Hot Pot 百年老火锅
12A-1(Ground Floor),
Jalan PJU 5/4,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya,Selangor.
Contact: 012-2991877
Business Hours: (Mon-Sun) 4.30pm- 12am
Facebook: BaiNienHotpot

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