Work & Chill Cafe @ 10 Boulevard (Invited Review)

Work & Chill Cafe, a newly born casual dining cafe with the age of two months plus is located at 10 Boulevard, Damansara. It offers variety of Asian Mix Western food which includes Chinese, Malay and even Western food. Besides, they are also famous with their coffee and pastry specialities. Not to forget their FREE WIFI service provided for you to surfing while relaxing in the cafe.

Penang Rojak Pasembor (RM8.50)
Our first dish of the night started off with Penang Rojak Pasembor. It is a mixture of boiled potatos, hard boiled eggs, fried dough fritters, bean curds, bean sprouts, cucumber and prawn fritters with the sweet, thick & spicy peanut sauce.
Northen Indian Briyani (RM10.50)
Next, we are served with briyani rice which comes together with egg sambal, acar, dhal and papadam. You can even add on with some of their tradiational prepared side dishes such as Chicken Perattal and Mutton Varuval.
Chicken Perattal (RM6.50)
Mutton Varuval (RM8.50)
Papadam with Dhal
Dont forget to dip the thin crispy papadam into the dhal for better taste.
Classic Kung Pao Chicken (RM14.50)
The Classis Kung Pao Chicken is one of their Chinese delights where the chicken pieces are prepared in the mixture of peppers, sesame oil, chilli, ginger, peanut and served along with deep black soy sauce. Eating the chicken pieces alone is not satisfying and it is best to eat together with the white rice.
Butter Chicken with Basil Leaves (RM14.50)
Chicken pieces are cooked with liberal amount of butter and the basil leaves which served along giving an extra kick to enhance the overall taste and aroma.
Ikan Masak Jawa (RM14.50)
This is one of our favourite dish of the night. When it is being first served on the table, we got no idea on what is it. Could it be chicken or beef? Well, it is actually a fish fillet prepared in special chili padi green sauce with sliced onions sprinkled with traditional Javanese green chili sauce.
Spaghetti Bolognese (RM12.50)
Wondering is there any noodles served here? Don’t worry, Spaghetti Bolognese could be one of your choice. It is being cooked with tomato puree and minced meat topped with Parmesan cheese. It tasted ordinary and we would prefer it not to be so watery.
Fettucini Carbonara (RM12.50)
It is nicely prepared in the thick, creamy white sauce and served along with sliced beef bacon and specially prepared sauce with Parmesan cheese. I personally like this quite much.
Lemon Cheese Burger (RM8.50)
The chicken patty or beef patty of your selection will blend together with lemon juice and grilled after that. Ample portions of french fries is served at the side too.
Cheezy Omelette (RM12.50)
The fluffy omelette is made from three large fresh eggs and accompanied by a toasted bread.
Corn Beef with Toasted Bread (RM13.50)
Home-made corned beef served with onion stir-fry to perfection with toast bread.
Some selections of the dessert from the menu:
Black Velvet Cake (RM7.50)
New York Cheese Cake (RM7.50)
Red Velvet Cake (RM7.50)
Assorted cupcakes such as mousse cake, cream puff, fruit tart, death by chocolate and etc.

Work & Chill Cafe
C-G-45, Block Camelia,
10 Boulevard,
Lebuhraya SPRINT,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel no: 03-7733 1151
Business hours: Monday to Friday (8.30am to 9.30pm)
Saturday (8.30am to 5.30pm)
Sunday (Closed)