Thai Thai @ Sunway Pyramid (Invited Review)

For years, Thai Thai Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid has been serving diners in with their finest Thai cuisines and hospitality service. In order to provide a better dining environment, Thai Thai goes through a series of renovation this year, and now they are back again with their brand new dining environment, but same delicious and authentic Thai delicacies.

The newly renovated Thai Thai emphasizes on simple, modern yet elegant interior, but retaining the Thai concept at the same time. The next time when you dine in Thai Thai, do keep an eye on the colourful “symbols” that are mingle on the black coloured walls, they are Thai words.

We went for a Thai feast in Thai Thai when it is opened back after the renovation, and feel glad that their food is still good as before.

There are a few signature drinks (House Speciallity) in Thai Thai which you should not miss, which are Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee, Thai Thai Fruit Punch, Iced Blended Fresh Coconut, Iced Blended Lychee Mint and Mango Mama Smoothies.

Iced Blended Lychee Mint – Front (RM15.00)
Blended with mint leaves and lychee, this ice blended has mint taste standing over the lychee flavor. Hence you will experience very strong and minty flavors when you sip through the drink. Recommend for mint lovers.

Thai Iced Tea – Back (RM10.00)
Thai Iced Tea emphasizes more on the tea flavor, where the milk taste is tone down with the distinct tea flavor. Good for those who like their milk tea to be in stronger tea flavor.

Thod Man Pla (RM13.90)

We started off the meal with Thod Man Pla, or Thai Fish Cake which serves as a great snack before the mains. The fish cakes have a firm and bouncy texture, and you can dip it into sweet chilli sauce served alongside with the fish cake for extra flavors.

Gaeng Keaw Wan (RM16.00)
Gaeng Keaw Wan, or green curry chicken is so delightful, with chunks of tender chicken simmered in rich, thick and creamy green curry gravy. Definitely an acclaimed dish in Thai Thai.

Pla Kapon Neung Manao
Pla Kapon Neung Manao is a fish dish, where steamed Siakap is served in a bed of sauce prepared from lime, chili and garlic. The fish is soft, fresh, but the sauce tastes quite mild. We prefer it be more sour and spicy to impart stronger tangy flavors.

Goong Ob Woosen (RM32.90)
This dish is so aromatic when serves to us, and looking at the shiny and glossy glass noodles really makes our saliva drops. It looks very simple, but when we start tossing the noodles, two very huge river prawns revealing from the bottom of the claypot, putting us in surprise. As what we Chinese always say: Good things always lay at the bottom. =)

Clear Soup Tom Yam Goong with Seafood (RM48.00)
Clear Soup Tom Yam in Thai Thai has a very clean taste, with good balance of spiciness and sourness. Not to forget the generously loaded fresh seafood and mushroom. It is advisable to savor the soup while it is hot, because the sourness will take over the spiciness as it turns cold, affecting the real heavenly flavor.

Phad Kana Pla Kem (RM16.00)
Being the only greens on the table, Phad Kana Pla Kem has kailan stir fried with salted fish. The dish combines the saltiness of salted fish and a hint of fragrance from oyster sauce, turning the simple vegetable dish into bright flavor.

Tab Tim Krob (RM8.00)
The Tab Tim Krob has bright red coloured waterchestnuts, jackfruits, and coconut milk resides in a glass. Thai Thai version’s Tab Tim Krob is on lighter and sweeter side, but is still a decent and chilling dessert.

Mango with Sticky Rice (RM12.00)
Mango with sticky rice, the classic Thai dessert is the last dish being served.  It has a bed of sticky rice lining with delicious and juicy mango by the side. Have the dessert together with the coconut milk in a sweet and salty taste, the meal ends perfectly.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Thai-Thai Restarant
LOT G1-135.
Oasis Boulevard,
Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-74919428