Waku Waku @ Mid Valley [CLOSED DOWN]

In Japanese, Waku Waku means ” excitement” or ” thrill”. But in Mid Valley, Waku Waku is a newly opened Japanese restaurant that prides themselves in serving exotic and innovative Japanese fusion delights such as Japanese Style Nasi Lemak, Ishiyaki Bibimbap, Salmon Sushi Roll with Sambal, Chicken Skewers with Sambal Mayo and many more.
The restaurant laid their foot at Level 3 of Mid Valley Megamall in July 2012, same floor with GSC cinema. The restaurant can cater up to 140 diners, and themes on rich hues of wooden decor with charming wall stickers and green plants, giving a spacious, clean and calming ambience.
Flower Tea (Serving for 2, Refillable)
We were there for a dinner last week, and was first served with the highly recommended drink- the Flower Tea. Served hot, the flower tea has a pleasant aroma of apple and rose, but not overwhelming.
Berries Splash (RM7.90)
Berries Splash is something more fancy, where assorted berries are drown in fizzy soda, giving an interlaced sweetness and sourishness.
Salmon Carpaccio (RM15.90)
The meal started off with Salmon Carpaccio, a plate of fresh greens lacing with raw salmon slices, tossed in Wafu dressing and Green Butter Mayonnaise.
Mushidori Salad (RM11.90)
A bed of vegetables topped with steamed shredded chicken and jelly fish, garnished with Sesame Dressing. Fresh and light enough to keep your stomach some space for other dishes.
Dragon Roll (RM14.90)
Tucked into one of their signature sushi, Dragon Roll where Fried Shrimp (Breaded Surimi – minced shrimp and crab) was rolled with sushi rice and seaweed, topped with Avocado slice. Everything was in a good match, and every piece was sizeable.
Kinoko no Irodori Yasaiitame (RM12.90)
Served over sizzling hot plate, this dish had Shitake mushroom, Shimeji mushroom, osyter mushroom stir fried with capsicum, onions and spring onion. A meatless flavour that deserved a high recommendation and two thumbs up, as the primary flavour and juiciness of mushrooms was completely kept. Delicious.
Tofu Chige (RM12.90)
A tummy warming soup that tasted light but not short of flavours. Besides the spiciness and saltiness from Kimchi and Shoyu, the soup was delicately infused with the natural sweetness of clams. Also, needless to say, the tofu was smooth and soft.
Sukiyaki Nabe (RM18.90)
Chopstick a piece of thinly sliced Australian Beef, dipped into the bubbling Japanese Soy Sauce Soup, and enjoy a small ” Shabu-Shabu” experience by ordering the Sukiyaki Nabe. The soup base was a mix of Mirin and Shoyu, and came with generous amount of tofu, mushroom, and vegetables which was enough for two.
Salmon Butter Rice (RM13.90)
Grilled Salmon Steak Rice with Minced Chicken , Green Butter Sauce, and added with chili for spicy flavour.
We felt reluctant to toss up the beautifully presented Salmon Butter Rice, but had to, in order to get the real flavour that Waku-Waku wanted to present in this dish. After the mixing and tossing, it became more like fried rice, spicy with good amount of salmon bits in every munch.
Kuey Teow Jepun (RM11.90)
Japanese Style Fried Rice Noodle, where kuey teow was stirred fried with shoyu-miso based sauce, then topped with minced chicken and soft boiled egg. Looked tempting and smelt nice too.
Again, to eat it, you have to mix everything together so that you get a brand new version fried kuey teow which is different from our local ones. Why? Because this one was creamier due to the mixing with soft boiled egg, and the Japanese shoyu sauce brought in extra aroma to the bowl of noodle.
Tokusen Kushiyaki Moriawase (RM22.90)
Assorted Selected Skewers: Hotate Kushi (Scallop Skewers), Tori Momo Kushi (Chicken Thigh Skewers) and Tomato Beef (Tomato & Beef Skewers)
Every stick of skewer was tempting, and we craved for more.
Tenpura Moriawase (RM13.90)
A plate of assorted deep-fried items with tenpura batter- Ebi Tenpura (deep fried shrimp with tenpura batter) and Kinoko Tenpura (deep fried mushroom with tenpura batter). Served piping hot, they were nonetheless fresh, crispy and loved by everyone.
Chicken Terriyaki Pizza
One of our favourite that night. It comprised of freshly made dough topped with terriyaki sauce, chicken, mushroom, mayonaise and garnished with chopped spring onion and seaweed. Ingredients are simple, but we just love the combination of terriyaki sauce and mayonaise that brought in great flavour.
Mentaiko Pasta
Mentaiko pasta, a cream base spaghetti tossed with mentaiko that gave an extra bites to the noodles. A good try, but a tad too dry, better if it could be creamier.
Done with all mains, and our gastronomic journey continued with a range of  beautifully presented desserts.
Annin Tofu (RM6.90)
The first one was Annin Tofu, a tofu like custard made from almond. We wasn’t adventurous enough to try it out, as we were quite afraid of the pungent taste of almond. However, one of them said that it was really nice with a soft, cheesy- like and creamy texture.
Fruit Parfaits (RM12.90)
So we forked into the second dessert instead, the  Fruit Parfaits. Bundle of fresh fruits- orange, berries, kiwi, ice cream, chocolate topping, and fresh cream all in one glass, this colouful treat easily gained our liking.
Chocolate Brownie (RM7.90)
The last treat- Chocolate brownie accompanied with vanilla ice cream, or ice cream accompanied by chocolate brownie? Who cares, when both of them pairs perfectly when eating together. Brownie was moist and compact, and its chocolaty was complemented well by the icy cold vanilla ice cream.
In short, Waku Waku is good place to experience fusion Japanese dining with reasonable price, and among the highly recommended dishes are Stir Fried Mushroom with Vegetables, Japanese Hamburger, and Skewer Grills.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Waku Waku
Mid Valley Megamall,
T-015B, Third Floor.
Tel no: 03-2284 117
Business Hours: 10am – 10pm