Les Deux Garçons Patisserie @ Bangsar

The jam in Bangsar is always massive, and getting a parking place is never easy. But thanks to the heavy traffic, the girl came across this little shop specialized in French pastries-Les Deux Garcons, while sitting in the car complaining non stop at the traffic. Located besides a fruits shop, Les Deux Garcons, can be easily missed out, but the white exterior makes it easily spotted too. The shop is fully painted in baby white, small but clean and simple, with a long cabinet displaying all kinds of inviting cakes, tarts and colourful macarons.

The boy dropped the girl down and let her bought a few macarons to shut her mouth up. The flavour she bought:
Wasabi – Green shell macaron with wasabi infused ganache
Sesame – Grey colour shell with nutty sesame ganache
Dark Chocolate Cointrea – Dark brown shell with pleasant bitterness from dark chocolate
Lemon Vanilla – Dark grey shell with lightly sourish ganache
Pistachio – White colour shell with sweet pistachio filling
We like all the flavours, especially the lemon vanilla. Each piece is delicately prepared, with crispy outer shell and soft inner shell. The fillings, is creamy and dense. No doubt it is sweet, but we just go gaga in every bite, finishing all in a jiffy.
“Any cakes?” the friendly staff asked.
“No, thanks” she said.

But deep in her heart, the girl yearns to have all of them.
Just too much sweet things at one time doesn’t seem to be proper.
Les Deux Garcons, we’ll be back.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Les Deux Garcons
36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03- 2284 7833
Business Hour: 10am – 8pm