Properity Chinese New Year Set @ The Emperor Restaurant, Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel (Invited Review)

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and the head cracking time for your mum is almost reach, thinking on the tiredness to prepare a table of dishes for families and relatives. Considering if there is any better options around? Get your mum to put down her woks and pans, save the energy and sweats. Just usher your beloved family over to The Emperor Restaurant in Grand Dorsett Subang for a RM1088++ Good Will 9 courses scrumptious dinner set this Chinese New Year.

Prosperity All Year Round – 鸿运当头 (七彩金丝三文鱼生)

Colourful and texture filled, this yee sang has salmon slices and crispy fish fritter as highlights, apart from the condiments of sesame oil, plum sauce, sun dried orange peel, pomelo, korean pears, shredded vegetables, crackers, toasted peanuts and pickles.

Other than Yee Sang for salmon, diners can choose from Yee Sang with Jelly Fish, Arctic Clams and sliced Abalone, all available for ala carte order in half portion or full portion, price starting from RM48.00++ till RM258.00++.

Toss higher, for a better, more prosperity year ahead!

Fame and Recognition – 名利双收 (虫草花干贝炖乌鸡)
Replacing the usual shark fins soup with a bowl of double boiled black chicken soup, flavour enhanced with cordyceps flowers and dried scallops. Soothing, nourishing.

Successful Career – 金鸡报喜 (麻辣脆皮烧鸡)
A layer of crispiness with juicy tenderness of roasted chicken, nicely coated with ma la sauce that is not as spicy, but on sweeter side plus sharp fragrance from sesame.

Abundance of Blessing – 年年有余 (金蒜港式蒸红鸡鱼)
The must have on the dinner table during Chinese New Year, for fish symbolizing that we have something good left to carry forward in the new year. Putting aside the symbolize, the fish is nonetheless fresh, soft, and the in house special mix sauce dressed over the fish was so good, way better than the normal soy sauce.

Laughter and Happiness – 财源滚滚 (紫菜咸蛋鲜草虾)
We enjoy licking clean the salted egg and sea weed coated batter clean peeling off the shell and tuck in the succulent prawns, some how we like the salted egg batter more than the prawns. for its addictive flavoursome saltiness.

Extravagant Fortune – 发财好市 (蚝士发财金钱袋时蔬)
Inari pocket stuffed with dried oyster, sea moss and cubed vegetables, served over a bed of savoury braised sauce. A playful flavour, but still with traditional elements kept.

Wishes Fulfilled – 五谷丰收 (芋香什锦腊味荷叶饭)
Steamed lotus leaf rice seems tempting upon reaching the table, smells nice too but taste not. Though laden with assorted preserved meats, the rice unfortunately does not absorb the flavour of preserved meats, making it fall shorts in flavour and taste.

A Sweet Year Ahead – 步步高升 (香脆年糕拼芝麻雷沙汤丸)
Warm dessert combining deep fried glutinous rice cake and glutinous rice ball. Handmade, the glutinous rice balls brushed with finely crushed peanuts are oozing with creamy sesame fillings once bitten into. Delicate.

The crispy deep fried glutinous rice cake remind us the good olden day when we were still young, standing beside mummy when she was frying the nian gao and we waited impatiently to grab the very first piece of pipping hot, crunchy and delicious nian gao.

Joyful Reunion – 万两黄金 (什果杨枝干玉露)
Following the warm dessert is the chilling sweet soup. Sweet and creamy, the mango soup comes with the a hint of sourness from strawberry, and juicy bites from pomelo bits. Something pleasant to end the meal.

The Chef

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

The Emperor
Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
1 Jalan SS12,
47500 Subang Jaya.
Price: RM1088++ for 9 course Good Well Set

Available time: 1st February till 24th February 2013