Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine @ Jalan U-Thant, KL

Being a restaurant crowned with numerous awards such as one of Malaysia’s best restaurant by Malaysia Tatler’s Magazine for several years, a recommended restaurant by Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine, and the Top Food 40 status by Time Out KL, Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine is no doubt a great Thai Restaurant that worth adding to your food list. It features authentic fine Thai cuisine, preserving the traditional old age Thai flavours while seeking for new innovative taste.

A visit to the restaurant proved that it is noteworthy. Located along Jalan U-Thant, Rama V Thai restaurant is free from the hustle and bustle of KL city, boasting with tranquility that allows diners to dine comfortably. Settings are classy, with high ceilings, cushioned chair, and Thai ornaments lining up at almost every corner of the  restaurants.

The indoor dining space of Rama V Thai restaurant is parted into two, so one can choose to dine in the more romantic space which is lighted in hue lights.

Or near to the French windows that brings in lots of natural light, while enjoying the outdoor scenery. Also, they have separated dining space to cater larger groups.

With such a cozy environment, many may think that the Rama V menu price will be on the high side. Yes, it is. But not when you go for their ala-carte buffet, which is available only on weekends. Priced at RM68.90++, this buffet allows you feast on a wide range of mouth watering Thai cuisine while enjoying free flows of beer, wines, fruit punch, coffee or tea.
Choices are extensive, and everything is cooked fresh upon order. There’s 8 types of appetizers, 8 types of salad, 7 types of soup, 15 types of mains, 12 types of vegetables, 3 types of rice/noodles and 10 types of dessert to order from, more than enough to feed a hungry stomach. To avoid food wastage, diners in a pax from 1 to 5 are restricted to only 8 orders at one time, which consists of 1 starter, 1 salad, 1 soup, 2 mains, and 2 desserts. Order instructions on the menu can be misleading, so it is good to direct to their friendly stuff before order. They are more than willing to help you out.
Chor Ladda
Have been reminding ourselves to order this if we dined in Rama V Thai restaurant. Shirt in blue with beautiful flower shape, these handmade chor ladda are delicate, almost too pretty to be eaten. Under its blue colour appearance is minced chicken and crushed peanuts that promotes a sweet and savoury concoction, sticky and creamy, just the skin tends to be too floury for our liking.
Yam Pla Duk Fu
We thought of ordering the Spicy Egg Plant Salad with Shrimp (Yam Pra In) as the name look tempting, for the girl likes egg plant while the boy likes shrimp. But the Rama V staff is so kind to recommend to try out Yam Pla Duk Fu instead, as it is one of the signature salads here. Glad that we follow what he says, as the salad is really good. Come in sizable portion, the plate has a mixed of sliced cucumber, onions, cashewnuts and ample amount of catfish crackers. Crispy and full of textures, we enjoy every bit of this salad, together with the tangy and spicy Thai sauce.
Tom Yam Pla Choon
Mild in spiciness with moderate sourness, the tom yum clear soup was soothing and generally accepted, flavour enriched with sweetness from King Fish, seafood and mushroom.
Gaeng Pad Linchee
This dish stands out among all, with smoky and succulent roasted duck drown in a pot of aromatic coconut based curry cooked with pineapple, tomato and lychee. The flavours were rich, sharp, spicy, and the lychee did boost a unique sweetness that worked really well with the curry. Float the white rice with gravy, satisfying guarantee.
Pad Ped Pla Duk Tod Krob
We are half full by the time second mains reached, but the fish is too good to resist, so we finished all anyway. The fish is soft and fleshy, matching good with the sauce which was thickly brushed over the fish.
Pad Thai Kung Reu Kai
We get shocked when the Pad Thai arrives. Silky smooth noodles, huge shrimps, sided bean sprouts and sliced egg makes up a huge portion that can easily feed four. We have a hard time finishing everything, though it was supremely tasty. Remember to squeeze on the halved lime for a magical twist that complement well with the distinct sweetness.
Tab Tim Krob
Ever since we had the Tab Tim Krob in Chakri Palace KLCC, we hardly find one that can overtake it, including the one in Rama V Thai restaurant. Can’t deny that the water chestnut is crunchy and refreshing, but the coconut milk is way too diluted after the shaved ice melt. Still prefer the thicker, creamier version.
Pumpkin Custard
Compare to the Tab Tim Krob, pumpkin custard tastes much better. The girl manage to have two, though feeling stuffed. Creamy and not too sweet, the pudding like custard is a dessert you will slowly gain like to as you tuck in more, especially if pumpkin is your favourite.
Chandol, Taro, and Sticky Rice in Coconut Milk
Each order went well, until the last one. Chilling, icy cold but not memorable. The cendol can’t even beat those we had from roadside stall. in You can easily skip this and not feeling regret.
Free flows of drinks
Choose from red wine, white wine, beer, fruit punch, soft drinks, coffee and tea.
Everything tastes good here, but everything is big in portion too. We don’t even manage to finish the food ordered in first round, needless to think of ordering the second round. Feel so bad for not getting to try out more, as this is buffet style. Hopefully the management can consider to serve smaller portion dishes to cater small groups and couples, so that everyone can have the chance to try out more varieties.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Rama V Thai Fine Dining Cuisine
5, Jalan U-Thant,
55500 Kuala Lumpur.
For Buffet: (Saturday, Sunday) 12pm-3.00pm (2.30pm last order)
Normal Business Hour: 12.00pm-3.00pm, 6.30pm-11.00pm
Contact: 03-21432663