O.M.G! Ooh My Gas LN2 Ice Cream @ Pavilion KL [CLOSED]

Since the 18th century, liquid nitrogen(LN2) has been used in the culinary, and has now becoming an avant grade cooking technique used in top restaurant as a method for instantly freezing various foods and drinks.The facts that liquid nitrogen is used, is because it has a very low temperature at atmospheric pressure, which is low enough to chill food rapidly.
It is popular for freezing ingredients, for preparing cocktail preparation, and also making frozen dessert. Now, the technology of making ice cream using liquid nitrogen has finally landed in Malaysia, and everyone can taste it at O.M.G! Ooh My Gas in Gourmet Emporium, Level 1, Pavillion Shopping Mall KL. When the use of chemical material in lab is brought up into food, the girl is more than excited to drag the boy to the mall for a taste of the nitrogen made ice cream.
O.M.G! holds a special patented technology that uses liquid nitrogen to produce ultra smooth, super fine and uber cool texture in just 1 minute. Since the ice cream is made on the spot, no addictive and preservatives are used, all they have in their ice cream is quality, freshest and finest ingredients.
There are ample of flavours to choose from and to place your order:
Step 1: pick a base (Gelato, ice cream or soy milk)
Step 2: choose your flavour or colour (a range of nutties, fruitties and classic flavours. E.g: almonds, pistachio, hazelnut, apple, banana, mango, orange, grapes, pineapple, green tea, sesame, cinnamon, white chocolate, cream cheese, coffee java chips, chocolate, etc./ for colours, pick among blue, green, pink, red, caramel, orange, purple and yellow)
Step 3: sprinkle with toppings or saucy (choices of crunchy or mallow toppings. E.g: almond slice, cashew nut, coco crunch, filo flakes, peanut, M&M, nutella, oreo, reese’s, jelly belly’s etc./ for sauce, choose from caramel sauce, chocolate sauce or strawberry sauce)
As the girl used to watch the use of liquid nitrogen in her experiment samples characterization, the process of making ice cream using this technology still gave a WOW moment, looking at the fog created by liquid nitrogen when exposed to air.
Fog is in the air, love is in the air too. In conjunction with the upcoming Valentines Day, O.M.G.! is giving out FREE ice cream to couples. We are at first in the queue to purchase one, but surprise to receive Valentine’s FREE ice cream voucher. Thank you O.M.G.!
Our O.M.G.! LN2 ice creams came in cutie cup, soy milk base, chocolate flavour with colourful chocolate nuts and wafer rolls as toppings. Done in rapid chilling of 1 minute, our ice cream that is crystallized into smaller crystal size is no doubt smoother, finer. Yummy happy food.
Looking for healthier dessert? Drop by at O.M.G.! Pavillion for preservative free LN2 ice cream and enjoy the cool fog while your ice cream is made!
*The kiosk may be hard to locate. But look for Merchato, Come Buy, Beard Papa, Famous Amos, Lou Hong Kah, O.M.G.! is surrounded by them.*
O.M.G.! Ooh My Gas LN2 Ice Cream
P1.23.00 Level 1, Gourmet Emporium,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Facebook: OohMyGas
Email: hello@oohmygas.com