Coconut House 椰子屋@ Jaya One (Invited Review)

Coconut House, a restaurant name that makes us think of the beach, the breeze, the cocktails, the holidays, the tranquillity. But no, the restaurant’s name doesn’t make it ends up nearby seaside. Started off in Malacca, and then shifted to Pudu, Coconut House closed down and reopened in 3 2 Square. Closed down again and reopened in Taman Desa as Casa Del Cocco. But somehow the owner ended the partnership with the Casa, and reopened Coconut House in Jaya One last November.
Story of the restaurant is long, same to the owner’s story. The thin and tall Mr. Zhuang Ruo (莊若) is not from F&B background, but is a successful writer cum editor that further his career in F&B. Google and you may get some stories about him. Here, we cut the story short and focus on the delicious fare that his restaurant get to offer.
The restaurant is cozy, relaxing with hue lights, wooden decoration as main details. The decoration highlights will be the long wooden table which is made up of from different sizes wood, giving non-symmetrical end results which we find very unique. Another highlights- the piles of rubber wood, as fuel for their huge woodfire pizza oven.

Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder (RM22.90)
Pork shoulder marinated with Fennel seeds, cook overnight in a cooling pizza oven using the remaining heat from the fire. Time consuming dish that promotes soft, delicate and flavour thoroughly went through end results.
Fruitti de Fruit (RM16.90)
Pizza with fruits, go the healthy way. Is vegetarian, tomato sauce free, topping is depends on availability, and what we got that night was banana and pineapple. Sounds odd, but tastes great.
Company of Mushroom (RM18.90)
Another vegetarian pizza that is loaded with mushroom, thyme, mozzarella and parmesan. Simple in a way that we get hooked on the first bite.
Herbs Burger (RM9.90)
Juicy pork patty, mozzarella and marinara sauce sandwich within fluffy Focaccia bun. Everything is homemade, from the bun to the meat patty, hence freshness is guaranteed.
Lemon and Rosemary chicken (RM14.90)
Fettuccine tossed with butter, Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast, Garlic, Fresh Lemon Juice and Italian Parsley. Taste rather pale and a tad too dry for our liking. Probably we are persons who prefer heavier flavours.
Penne with Italian Sausage (RM15.90)
A bed of penne with tomato sauce, homemade Italian sausage, red onion, chilli flakes, rosemary, whipping cream and parmesan.
Meatball Spaghetti
Al dente pasta in marinara sauce, very classic dish but extra points go to the big and juicy pork meatballs that is homemade using minced porks, fresh herbs, mushroom and bacon.
Stewed Lamb Shoulder (RM23.90)
Surprised to find lamb shoulder which is cooked using stew method with rosemary, tomato, capsicum and onion here, leaving a moist and meltingly tender meat after a long, slow stew.
Pork Chop with Gorgonzola Sauce (RM19.90)
Looks like chicken chop (or maybe fish fillet) physically, but the taste and texture tell you she is not. Chewy and firm, the oven roasted pork chop served with gorgonzola, parmesan, cream, white wine and Italian parsley sauce is worth a try.
Veal Scallopini (RM39.90)
Thinly sliced Veal and Prosciutto cooked with White wine cream sauce, this dish is meant to be savoured slowly, good to pair with alcohol drinks .
Ricotta Cheese Cake (RM8.90)
Crumbly crust filled with riccota cheese and lemon juice goodness, baked using woodfire oven. A simple and classic flavour, great for cheese lover.
torta Caprese
Creamy, rich and chocolaty- you can judge by its look.
Baked Coffee Mousse (RM5.90)
Vanilla ice cream sitting on top of a creamy, soft and smooth coffee flavour mousse.
Baked Pear with Red Wine (RM9.90)
The look may not be pleasing, but it is a dish that will make you put your thumbs up. Baked with red wine, the pear has a sharp flavour that pairs superbly with vanilla ice cream. The must try in Coconut House.
Coconut Blended (RM9.90)
For drinks, the highly recommended one will be the coconut blended, a drink that has coconut juice, coconut flesh, vanilla ice cream and crushed ice blended together. Sounds easy but to get the ratio right, you need practices. So save the hassle and enjoy at Coconut House. Other signature drinks are Orange Lemon Lime (RM6.90), and Ice Coconut Coffee (RM9.90), which are equally chilling and refreshing.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Coconut House
D-9-G, Block D,
Jaya One, Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 010-231 6908/ 03-7931 9998
Business Hour: 11am-10.30am
Facebook: Coconut House