Legoland Malaysia @ Iskandar Johor: First International Theme Park

Malaysia first ever International Theme Park, Legoland Malaysia is finally opened in Iskandar, Johor Bahru. We, being the hard core fans of LEGO, grabbed the chance and visited the inspirational LEGOLAND Malaysia during Chinese New Year.

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Welcome to LEGOLAND Malaysia.

We were so excited stepping into the 76 acres Legoland Malaysia with 7 themed areas and over 40 rides, shows and attractions, getting more than ready for the push, pedal, steer, squirt, swifts, splash and screams!

The girl. Fully armed, covered from head to toe to avoid the fierce sun. But she forgot to pun on sunblock and ended up having terrible sunburnt around the neck. So STUPID.

Happy to see our friend here, Mr. Snake (We were born in the year of Snake) saying Gong Xi Fat Cai to all visitors.

The snake was certified as the world’s longest snake, built using more than one million of LEGO bricks in conjuction to celebrate Legoland Malaysia’s first Chinese New Year and the Year of Snake.

Proudly present the 318 metres length snake, winding its way through The Beginning and Miniland areas.

We first went to the LEGO MINILAND which was situated at the centerpiece of the park.

Here, one could see the world in an amazing new way, looking at all the landmarks created at the scale of 1:20.

Legoland Malaysia took three years to built all these fantastic buildings, using more than 30 millions of LEGO bricks.

Everything built was so detailed, from the Petronas Twin Towers, The KL Tower, the busiest streets in KL, the airport, Putrajaya Mosque, the old train station, to the buses, the LRT, the transit. We couldn’t stop WOW-ing at these miniatures.

All LEGO bricks. Even the vehicles and lamp post.

Meet our KLCC Malaysia!

More to come when we stroll along the miniland. All the famous scenes from 17 Asian countries came into sight.

The India Taj Mahal..

..the Singapore Merlion City & Singapore Flyer..

..the Bali Tanah Lot..

..the Temple of Dawn Thailand..

..the Forbidden City & Great Wall of China..

..the Angkor Wat in Cambodia..

..The Karaweik Hall in Myanmar..

..The Patuxai in Laos, etc. etc. etc..

What’s more was many of the miniactures here were animated. One could bring those models into life at the touch of a button. Buses were seen moving around, figures were singing and dancing around, etc. so ADORABLE!

We spent few hours in Lego Miniland, couldn’t stop taking photos on these impressive built.

The next stop, LEGO CITY.

Here, children took the controls where they could become the captain of a boat by riding a boat at Boating School..

..Becoming fire fighters and police officers at the Rescue Academy..

We basically just passed by this section and not playing anything. This theme was more on educational base, for families to have fun together, and was so odd for us to be there.

So we hopped on to the next stop, Land of Adventure.

Lost Kingdom.
Venture into the world of ancient Eygpt and hunt for lost treasure using laser light and become an adventure hero. We wanted to try, but the queue was crazily long, so we gave up and just took a shelter under the giant Pharoahs.

Pharaoh’s Revenge. Mini playground for children but as another shelter for us. The weather was so hot!. >_<

Dino Island. The world of the forgotten dinosaurs. Get on the boat, go through a tunnel with roars of dinosaurs and prepare to get wet all the way down.

Enjoyed the splash of water on you when the boat was ride down from the 12 metres high waterfall at high speed! #super shiok#

We were 2/3 wet after the ride. Pants, dress and shoes soaked with water. But no worries, there’s dryer.

Continued with IMAGINATION, a place where creativity knows no bounds.

Fans from all age could create your own LEGO models at Build & Test corner..

..Enjoyed 4D movies that came in 3 different storyline – LEGO racers, Spellbreaker and Clutch Power. We only get to watch the LEGO Racers which turned out to be rather dissapointing.

Life size Lego giraffe!

DUPLO playground. A fun, interactive playground for kids to explore…

..and got bitten by the Lego lion..

Took a rest in Jungle Cafe. Here you can have some drinks, burger and fries. Two more themes to go, and we felt so relunctant to walk anymore for the heat really made us felt so uncomfortable. Why is it not built in highlands?

Move on to LEGO KINGDOMS. Another theme that we loved so much as walking in transported ourselves into the age of myth and legend in kingdoms our thousand years ago.
The boy: Cool! Imagine soldiers, warriors, fights, swords & shield,treasures..
The girl: and the prince and princess live happily ever after
The Boy: Wey!!
The Girl: =P

We went for two wild rides here, the Dragon’s apprentice and The Dragon. The speeds, the slopes, the twists and turns were mild, considering it was a park for visitors from all age.

“Not thrilling enough. But I like.” She said.

We walked from the LEGO KINGDOMS to LEGO TECHNIC. Immediate transform from the old ancient to the future modern.

All speedy action-packed ride gathered here for the brave young..the Project X, the Technic Twister, the Aquazone Wave Racers, etc.

LEGO ACADEMY. Meet the late Einstein, the main attraction in LEGO TECHNIC.

Went for another ride at Project X. This was more racy and crazy at 18 metres high. Loved the steep switchback track that moved swiftly. Wanted to go for second try but again, the queue was unbearable.

Exhausted by the time we finished all the themes. So we went for a rest and food at THE CAFE near to the entrance side.

As expected, food in themed park was always bland and pricy unlike good food in Johor. Doesn’t matter as our appetite were at minimal level. Not long after, the rain poured and everyone ran for shelter. Thank god we went into the cafe half an hour earlier.

It was a long rain. It got smaller late but didn’t stop from afternoon till evening. we went for a second stroll in the park under the rain, then did some shopping at The Big Shop, the souvenir shop in Legoland Malaysia that offers largest selection of LEGO toys in Asia.

Customized your own mini figures.
We loved this! There were trays of heads, body, legs, and accessories for your Lego mini figures, pick the one you like and DIY!

Too bad the choices were limited and keep repeating, especially the body and legs. Some interesting choices we saw from blog weren’t there. Probably they were sold out but did not repolish with more choices.

Anyway, we bought three Lego minifigures for RM25 (RM 9 for one) – the pirate, the policeman and the red indian.
When paying at counter,
The boy: ” Eeeiii, here got gun!”
And he bought one at 50 cents. -.-!!

More Lego merchandise. Shirts, magnets, boxes, toys, etc.

colourful LEGO bricks (not candies).

LEGO figures key chains. Liked the LEGO Superman.

The girl: What’s this.
The boy: Tong Sampah.
The girl: =.=. (Flipped around for price) Hmm, not cheap. (Put down)

After shopping for goodies, we ended the trip at about 6.30pm. Wanted to stay longer to the night of the MINILAND but plan failed.. because.. it is raining again.

Thanks to the big sun and continuous rain, We went back home sunburnt, flu, sorethroat, and cough. Asking if the whole trip worth the price, it’s subjective. For us, we would say that it is totally worth the price, judging on the hardwork done by Legoland Malaysia in building architectures and characters brick by brick, from nothing to a few feets high.

Not so sure if we would back for the second time, but we are eager to stay into their Lego Hotel which will opened in another two years time.

Bye, Legoland Malaysia!