Chilli Rush @ Jaya One

Antioxidants, detoxicants, vitamins- Chillies posses all the beautiful benefits but not everyone has the stomach for them. For those who love chillies and like seeking for spiciness that leaves you with a burning sensation, Chilli Rush in Jaya One is the place for you. Here, they have the spiciest chilli in the world- The Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chilli) to challenge your taste buds. It is 15 times hotter than chilli paddy. You measure the spiciness.
While fame for having Ghost Chilli in their dish, Chilli Rush also experimenting on different chillies of different spiciness in preparing their secret sauce for their signature chicken wings which vary in spiciness. They have chillies from all over the world such as Mexico, India and of course local.
If you were adventurous enough, take on their Chilli Rush Challenge and may end up being one of those in the Wall of Fame, at the same time winning yourself a Chilli Rush T-shirt. But after seeing our friends trying out the Level 10 Chicken Wings that night, we really salute those joined in the Chilli Rush Challenge, finishing 4 chicken wings thickly brushed in Level 11 Ghost Chilli sauce within 10 minutes. Our photos will never be there.
We started our dinner with some of the recommended mains before going on with the Chilli Rush Chicken Wings, as we didn’t want to have our palate and tongue go numb arrested by chillies.
A hearty portion of starter that had bits of everything ideal for sharing: Crispy original flavour crackers that paired perfectly with zingy salsa meat sauce; salad consisting fusilli, eggplant, lettuce, peanuts, giving mouthful of texture; meaty and juicy meatballs in brown sauce; creamy and soft filling croqutte with crunchy edge.
Pan Fried Dory in Cheesy Spinach Pasta
Very dense, rich and creamy spinach garlic cream sauce coating every strand of pasta, with pan fried dory fillet topping over. Very greeny, very healthy, just we found the pasta too soggy for our liking.
Ayam Percik with Nasi Bojari and Acar
As much as you like ayam percik from night market, you will love this Malaysian style BBQ chicken served in Chilli Rush too. Marinated in thick, secret blend of local herbs and spices, the chicken was smoky and tender, came with speciallity acar and nasi bojari in filling portion. The sweet and peanuty sided sauce was also worth dipping into.
Lamb Shank with Wild Rice
Slow cooked for hours, the meaty cut from the lamb shank was meltingy tender and easily fall off the bone, flavourful with adventurous spicy sauce. Wholesome with acocmpanied wild rice and vege.
Chilli Rush Chicken Wings- Level 2
After all the delicious mains, is time for their signature- The Signature Chicken Wings that came in 10 level of spiciness. One had the chance to go on a culinary adrenaline rush by trying out their chickn wings marinated in secret chili sauce comprising eastern and western flavours. We started off with level 2, which turned out to be a piece of cake to us, a little sweet with ultra minimal spciness. Uhmm…no kick. so we jumped straight to the medium level, level 6.
Chilli Rush Chicken Wings- Level 6
Level 6, now we felt the omph and spiciness, but still at a stage that we could handled. The girl, who always loves to have her food with chilli paddy, called this stage as-medium spiciness, but not daring enough to try out level 10, which two of our friends did. Asking them how’s the feeling of meeting with Naga Jolokia, the spiciest chilli in the world, the answer is “…..”. Out of word, insane spiciness, on fire tougue that made them went speechless, sweat dripping down their forehead.
The girl refused to try on the level 10, but she had a taste on the spiciest chilli extract given by the chef. The palate felt an unpleasant bitterness in the first few seconds, then the heat and spiciness started to build up and stayed in the mouth for about half an hour. One small drop, unbelievable powerful spiciness. Level 11 for the Chilli Rush Competition? Again, no way. #white flag#
Red Velvet Cake
Surprised to find that they had very nice desserts too. But no chilli infused. The sharp coloured Red Velvet cake was moist, dense, lining with light layers of cream cheese frosting. Good as its looks.
Panna Cotta
Delicately soft, smooth and creamy custard-like dessert, slipped down beautifully to end our meal.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Chilli Rush
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