Geographer Restaurant & Bar @ IOI Boulevard, Bandar Puchong Jaya

Mentioning about Geographer in Puchong, the first thing that comes into our mind is always—alcohol, music and noise. Nothing wrong. In fact, we went there few times too, only for their alcohol and light bites. But with the tagline highlighting that it is a restaurant and bar, Geographer actually has more to offer, which is their delicious mains that are forgotten by many. Plus, Puchong being a place flooded with so many restaurants and cafe, Geographer is always being categorized more as a pub, always being skipped when come to choosing a dinner location.

To be frank, Geographer actually provides really nice main dishes that surprise us. You can really treat it as a normal restaurant just for dinner, with comfy, relaxing ambience. Do check out their mains here. Probably is time to make a change of perspective towards Geographer and pick up this restaurant as your next dinner trip?
Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg 酥炸咸蛋莲藕 (RM12.50)
Deep fried squid with salted egg, mantis prawn with salted egg, sweet potato with salted egg, etc…everything seems great with salted egg, same goes to this crispy lotus root with salted egg. Crispy, salty, addictive, this is definitely a plate of perfect finger food with perfect oomph!
Half Shelled Mussels with White Sauce 蒜香白酒青蚝 (RM19.50)
Brussels’style sautéed mussels with cream and white wine. Eat while it is hot, else you will end up having dry, rubbery mussels.
Fresh Oyster 新鲜生蚝 (RM10.00 per pcs)
Oyster lovers, you can get huge and fresh live oyster here with Tabasco sauce and lemon wedge at RM10 every piece.
Crispy Crust Breaded Oyster 法式脆皮炬生蚝 (RM18.50 per pcs)
Not fancy on raw oyster? Then you can move on to the Crispy Crust Breaded Oyster. Biting through the breaded topping with garlic, butter and herbs into the soft and tender baked oyster, the contented smile on the face shows how good it is. Recommended.

Baked Oyster with Cheese 芝士炬生蚝 (RM13.50 per pcs)
Or, try the baked oyster with mozzarella cheese. Slurp it at one go and you get the cheesy, creamy, fresh satisfaction.
Japanese Style BBQ Squid 日式烤苏东 (RM19.50)
Beautiful grill of jumbo squid that marks a oh-so-juicy, tender, and chewy end product.
Sauteed Button Mushroom 法式香炒蘑菇 (RM15.50)
Everyday button mushroom that is tuned into something memorable. Huge aside, the mushrooms has a mild burnt saute flavours, juicy and chewy with zesty twist of balsamic vinegar sauce mingles around.
Clams Soup with Ginger & Wine 上汤啦啦 (RM15.50)
A bowl of nutritious, tummy warming soup packs with natural sweetness of clams and aroma of wine, added with a touch of spiciness. Clams are fresh without muddy taste, it is hard to not having one after another.
Mackerel Fish Cake with Spices 香料马鲛鱼酿 (RM29.50)
Fresh from the frying pan, the mackerel fish cake tastes really great with crispy outer layer and juiciness sealed inside. Ideal as a snack as well as to a main course.
Fried Meehoon with Stewed Pork 扣肉米粉 (RM13.50)
Very Asian flavours that we don’t expect to come across in this restaurant, and whats more is it is so good that we wants to give double thumbs up. With the flavours of stewed meat sauce fully absorbed by the mee hoon, we enjoy the rich flavour vermicelli together with the fatty, juicy, and robust-flavour stew pork.

Osso Buco 意式酒香焖羊腿 (RM35.50)
Slowly braised, the lamb shank is rich, soft, fork-tender, suffused with aroma and flavours from the stock and wine. Serves the shank with spoonful of delectable sauce and you get the flavour up to another delicious level.
Barbequed Beef Ribs 阿根廷式烤牛排骨 (RM45.50)
Expect the beef ribs to be equally great as the lamb shank, but too bad the rib falls short for its juiciness, not as saucy and tender as the lamb shank.
Smoked Bacon Pizza 香脆培根披萨 (RM25.50)
Thin crust pizza base embellished with Italian tomato sauce,mushrooms,smoked bacon and mozzarella cheese. Plenty of flavours, plenty of ooey gooey, plenty of happiness tucking into it.
Exotic Aglio Olio 橄榄油香料意大利面 (RM13.50)
Lastly, we try out the Exotic Aglio Olio, a plate of al dente pasta tossed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, herbs and chilli. Something simple and good for its price.
In short, almost every dish here tastes good, and we highly recommend their Fried Mee Hoon with Stewed Pork and Saute Button Mushroom. We will be returning again for these two dishes, with a pint of beer of course!
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
The Geographer Adventure Restaurant & Bar (Puchong)
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