Bar Bites New Menu @ Brotzeit Bier Bar & Restaurant, Mid Valley

Teatime, an intermediate time after lunch and before dinner. Always, it is all about light and bite size food- cakes, bun, pretzel, coffee, danish, muffin, etc. Coffee kiosk, small cafe are the place we usually look for, to grab our piece of teatime cake and bun.

Now, we have a new place for teatime – Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurants. While Brozeit always gives a perception that it is a place for late night drinking, with hearty portions of pork knuckle and pork platter meant for sharing, Chef Helmut, the executive chef of Brozeit has taken a new step by putting something large into small portion, and introduces them during teatime (3pm-6pm) everyday, starting from 1st May.
The small portions’ delights features a range of refreshing and light flavours not only satisfy the tastebud for teatime cravings, but also perfect with wine or beer, hence being called “Bar Bites”.

Mini Brozeit Platter (RM29.00)
We tried them out at Brozeit two weeks ago, started with Mini Brozeit Platter, which was also our favourite ‘bites’. Streched out on wooden board, this mini cold bavarian smorgasboard combines obatzda, gouda, emmenthal cheese, pork belly, leg of ham, pork liver pate and bacon spread with German bread.

We like the pork liver pate and bacon spread, where the former is wonderfully rich with intense smoky-sweet flavours and the later is buttery smooth, perfect with German bread that served along.

Sausage Duet (RM13.00)
Combo of spicy chicken and pork cheese sausage that delivers full flavour, served with laugenbread roll.
Breaded Camembert (RM15.00)
Breaded and deep fried, this golden breaded camembert is crispy outside, with rich, creamy, warm melting cheese oozing out once cut. We love the way of combining camembert with the cranberry sauce served along, adding fresh, fruity flavours in between gooeyness.
Pork Meatball (RM13.00)
Huge, meaty, succulent pork meatballs with a slew of tanginess from the tomato sauce. Do not underestimate these few meatballs, as their meatiness make us feel quite filling though.

Mini Fried Platter (RM13.00)
Mini Fried Platter gave us a bite of everything by putting breaded prawn, chicken and fish fillets together. The fish fillet is the best among the trio, thanks to the juicy, soft texture.
Seafood Teaser (RM15.00)
Smoked salmon, seared tuna, and prawn served with laugenbread roll, the lightest bar bites among all that don’t put a burden to your dinner later.

Gypsy Pork Belly Roll (RM13.00)
A petite sandwich loaded with ingredients- tomato, egg, pickled cucumber, and gypsy pork belly. Tastes good even without sauce, as the saltiness of pork belly is good enough to compensate the simple flavour.

Smoked Salmon Roll (RM15.00)
Another simple sandwich with smoked salmon sandwiched within. To be truth, we like the laugenbread roll that presents in almost every bar bite, as it is really fresh, nice to chew on.

Thurn and Taxis Frusten Gold Beer
Well, the bar bites wouldn’t be complete without a pint of German beer. Tried the Thurn and Taxis Frusten Gold Beer, a type of Marzen style brew that is served annually at St. Emmeram Fursten Gold Marzen Fest but we can now enjoy on tap for the first time in Malaysia, only at Brozeit. Love the fruity and smooth finish.

Berentzen Flavoured Schnapps (RM15/ bottle)
We also had the pleasure to try out Berentzen Flavoured Schnapps, something new in Brozeit too. Inside this little bottle, packs natural juices of fresh sun-ripened fruits and Berentzen wheat spirit, with alchol content ranges between 16 to 20%.
There are four flavours available in Brozeit currently, which is Crisp Sweet Apple, Fruits of the Forest, Juicy Aromatic Plum, Sour Apple & Peach. Each of them has its own unique and crisp flavours, one can have it icy cold straight from the bottle of add it to  cocktail, dry sparkling wine for more satisfying taste.

Get them at RM15 per bottle, or RM60  for 5 bottles. For purchase of 3 sets, you will get a very adorable personal Berentzen shooter glass.

Chocolate Profiterole with Vanilla Ice Cream and Sugar Apple Fritter on Vanilla Sauce.
Enough of alcoholic talks. We moved to dessert after all the bites and beer. We were first served with chocolate profiterole with vanilla ice cream and sugar apple fritter on vanilla sauce. A combination of warm and cold. We prefered the cinnamon sugar aple fritter more for its sweet-sourish touch.
Orange Cream Cheese Flavoured Tiramisu
It is good to be aunthentic, but at times, some changes can bring authenticness to a level that proves to be better. We always insist that kahlua and mascarpone cheese must be in to make a good tiramisu, but Chef Helmut changes our view point, when he managed to whip up light, soft and fluffy layer of cream cheese in his own version of Orange Cream Cheese Flavoured Tiramisu to replace mascarpone cheese, which obviously shows success.
We were so excited when chef mentioned that he would serve us with chocolate bacon as the last dessert. Curiosity grew, wondering how it would taste like.
Finally landed in front of our sight.

Crispy, protuding chocolaty on the first few bites, with savouriness of bacon followed by, interesting. Lemon pepper marinated strawberries with apricot sauce is another adventurous flavour we find on this dessert, with peppery and tangy concoction come in together. Like it or not, it depends on individual.
White chocolate mousse seems to be the most classic on the plate, and surprisingly pair well with the chocolate bacon, bringing in a balance of sweet and savoury to each other.
In a nut shell, the whole combination may seem awkward, but is definitely something fun, new, worth trying out.
Our meal at Brozeit ended beautiful with these new interesting desserts, and big thanks to Chef Helmut for all the nice food, as well as the company throughout the whole section.

Photographer: Summer

Writer: YLing
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