Mon Kee Confectionery @ Kedai Makanan Nam Chun, Bangsar

The girl didn’t have enough from her Sarawak Laksa breakfast today, as most of the food had gone into the boy’s stomach. However she never complain much, as she had been eyeing on Mon Kee, a stall selling traditional puffs, tarts and cakes.

Being born in small town, which the boy called “kampung”, the girl always goes excited whenever she saw all kinds of traditional pastry like kaya egg roll, ma lai gou, bak tong gou, kaya puff lining up in night market stalls or coffee shops, the more old fashion the better, as they reminds her of ‘kampung’.
So she hopped over to Mon Kee and bought few egg tarts, coconut tarts, siew bao, ma lai gou and kaya egg cakes. She was a little disappointed as she never see any bak tong gou. Till now, she still don’t know where to get bak tong gou in KL and PJ area.

Egg Tart (RM1.80)
Golden eggy filling sitting within buttery, flaky crust. Turned pale if you want to compare with those from dim sum restaurant. But still, a flavour of traditional.

Siew Bao (RM1.40)
The siew bao tasted average. Skin was rather thick with not so flavourful fillings.

Kaya Egg Cake (RM1.80)
The kaya egg cake was worth mentioned, for its very old fashion type, very simple childhood taste for her. Just a layer of kaya between two spongy egg cake, nothing fancy.

Mon Kee can actually be found in many places, such as Pudu, Taman Paramount, Sea Park, TTDI, Pandan Indah, Pandah Jaya, etc. but we didn’t came across the Kaya Egg Cake when visiting some other outlets. Probably it was from the branch owner’s hand.

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

Kedai Makanan Nan Chun
No. 2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri 2,
Lucky Gardens, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.