OMG OOH MY GAS! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream @ Pavilion KL [CLOSED]

Liquid Nitrogen ice cream- a new ice cream fever has started to sweep across the town recently. OMG! in Pavilion is one of them, and different from the others. How? Why? Well, there might be some facts you may want to know about OMG! liquid nitrogen before you place your tongue over their extra smooth, creamy OMG! liquid nitrogen ice cream that has apparently becomes the cause of beeline in front of their kiosk in Pavilion KL.

WHAT is OMG! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream?
OMG! owns a special patented technology which uses liquid nitrogen to quickly and consistently churn the smoothest ice cream right before your eyes in just ONE minute. They are the 1st and only brand who can prepare liquid nitrogen ice cream in the safest manner in Asia.
WHY Liquid Nitrogen?
The reason that liquid nitrogen is chosen as the main source in the making ice cream is because- it is super cold. Just Imagine how cold -196 degree celcius ( -321 Fahrenheit) can be, and that is the temperature of liquid nitrogen. The low temperature brings in rapid freezing process, so fast that the ice cream is free from crystalization and ends up with ultra-smooth, super fine and uber cool texture in just one minute.
WHY OMG Liquid Nitrogen is simple, natural and healthy?
Because all ice cream is made instantly on the spot, fresh without the need of extra addictives and preservatives. To OMG!, healthy is about being conscious in choosing the freshest and highest quality ingredients. ” If we are going to have a dessert, why not choose the best stuff?”
HOW OMG! different from others?
Check out their hall of fame of the many 1st: They are the 1st high-tech liquid nitrogen ice cream in Asia. They are the 1st and only brand who can prepare liquid nitrogen in the safest manner in Asia. They are the 1st to offer custom freeze ice cream in just 1 minute. they are the 1st to offer thousands of varieties. They are the 1st to create an impressive and entertaining ice cream making process.
So, now you know where to get your best healthy dessert, what’s better is you can customize your own freshest and finest ice cream from the endless list of ingredients that one can imagine.
All it takes is just 3 simple steps.
Step 1: Choose the base you like: Gelato, ice cream or soy milk.
Step 2: choose your flavour, and colour them if you like:
Nutties: Roasted almong, hazelnut,-nutella, peanut butter, pistochio, macadamia milk
Fruities: Strawberry, apple, banana, grapes, mango, orange, pineapple
Classic: chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, cream cheese, coffee Java Chips, Green Tea, Sesame, Cinammon.
Blue, caramel, green, orange, pink, purple, red and yellow
( *Yes, you can colour your banana flavour ice cream with blue. Just ask for Banana ice cream in blue colour!*)
Step 3:
Topped up with munch of your choice:
Crunchy:Almond slice, cashew nuts, chestnuts, macadamia, pecan nut, peanut, pistachio, chocolate wafer rolls, coco crunch, corn flakes, pie crust.
Mallow:Chocolate chip, marshmallow, raisin, sprinkles
Saucy: Caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce
Premium: cream cheese, jelly belly’s M&M’s, Nutella, Oreo, Reesse’s
Rocky Road ( Gelato Base, double chocolate with marshmallow and pecan nuts)
For size, choose either Cutie Cup which has 1 colour flavour+ 1 topping at RM12.90. Or bigger sexy size of 1 colour flavour + 1 topping at RM19.90. Every add on of flavour at RM2, topping at RM1, premium topping at RM2.
Bananarama (Gelato base, Chocolate banana flavour with pecan and almond slice)
Lazy or have no idea which one to pick from the very long list? No worries, check out the best seller and cool picks by OMG!- Hazelnut Nutella, Cffee Java Chips, Apple Strudels, Caramel Macadamia, Strawberry Cheesecake, Frangipani, Green Tea and Apple Blossom. To us, every flavour is so good, too hard to decide which one is better. So, choose the one you like the most! None of the flavours will disappoint you.
Strawberry Cheesecake (Ice cream base, Strawberry cheese with sweet crumbles)
But still, we can rank sesame and strawberry cheesecake flavours as our favourite. Having the Strawberry cheesecake is like eating a piece of very creamy, moist, rich flavour cheesecake. High recommended. Good news is, OMG! will be launching another 5 more cheese flavours ice cream, very soon.
Rise N Shine ( Ice cream base, mango and orange flavours with a splash of mango sauce)
Tempted? Haven’t tried? Wait no more, drop by at their kiosk in Pavillion KL and get your “OOHs & AHHs’ as you see the amazing show of ice cream making process in front of you.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
OMG! Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
(Next to Ying Ker Lou)
No. 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6242 5965