Australian Lobster at Bali Hai Seafood Village 海鮮碼頭 @ Kota Damansara [CLOSED DOWN]

Our first dining experience at Bali Hai Kota Damansara was a pleasant one, with fresh and high quality seafood lined up in the buffet we had. Though the variety wasn’t extensive, but the quality of the seafood had driven us us to go back and tried out more of their seaood variety which were freshly caught and cooked upon order. This round, we tried out their 9 course promotional set priced at RM1388 per table.
Australian Lobster and Canadian Geoduck Sashimi with Superior Steamboat
Served in two ways, the Australian Lobster and Canadian Geoduck could be eaten row or cooked. Thinly sliced, the raw lobster and geoduck were served on a bed of ice. Presentable. Lobster was fresh, firm and creamy texture, slightly won over the geoduck which was also good but putting on a minor let down for its fishy smell . Dipped it with the special premium  wasabi for extra exotic flavours, giving kick.
Done having it raw, we had the remaining lobster meat cooked in a pot of nutritious, pipping hot soup boiled using onions, apple and chicken. We were surprised to know that apple was used in preparing the soup, but it turned out to be good for it enhanced the overall flavour by adding some fruity note. By the end of the steamboat, the soup which was already good initially becomes more flavourful as it gathered all the essence and sweetness of fresh lobster. So nourishing, we drank up few bowls.
Sided with the lobster and geoduck there were needle mushroom and taufu. So we threw everything in after the lobster, allowing the mushroom and taufu turned plump with all the the goodness of soup absorbed within.
Homemade Seafood Beancurd
Continued with Homemade Seafood Beancurd made from squid paste, fish paste, shredded dried squid, chicken ham, shaped into squared shape and deep fried then dressed over with thick, savoury scallop sauce. Mouthful of texture with fresh flavours of squid and fish mingled along, not to forget the scallop sauce that added in premium seafood flavours.
Golden Garlic Steamed Freshwater Lobster
When the seafood itself is fresh, there is no need to bring them into complicated cooking process. In fact, steam proves to be the best method to bring out the flavours of the seafood. Hence, this fresh baby lobster imported from Indonesia successfully maximized its sweetness and umami flavours through steaming, bringing succulent and springy munch with a hint of spiciness and aroma from chopped garlic topping over. Delicious in simplicity.
Crispy Deep Fried Chicken With Thai Sauce
Instead of normal chicken, spring chicken was used as it was more tender in texture. Deep fried, the high-heat cooking left a perfect golden crisp skin, with juiciness and tenderness locked within the meat. Good to be eaten original, equally delicious to have it with the Thai salad for sweet, tangy and spicy concoction that whet up the appetite.
Kam Heong Clams
Though big in size and succulent, the clams didn’t meet the freshness as we expected, but the fiery, flavour loaded Kam Heong sauce manage to fix the let down.

Vietnam Style Mackerel Fish
Our favourite that night. Deep fried, the mackerel fish was soft and fleshy, showered with Vietnamese sauce made from chilli, lemongrass and garland flower. Loved the creamy and spicy sauce with a touch of sourish zing. Great with a bowl of rice.
Stir-Fried Vegetables
Stir fried lotus roots, bell pepper, celery, and green pea with cashew nuts. A plate of colourful healthiness to balanced up the meatiness we had indulged in.
Teochew Style Noodles
Thin Teochew noodles brought over from Penang, stir fried with spring onion, chilli, shrimp, dried shrimp and carrot. We liked the crispy munch of dried shrimp which was tagged along in the noodles, giving extra bites that brings a contrast to the smooth, chewy noodles.
We ended the meal with varieties of fresh cut food to washed down the heaviness from mains. Watermelon, manfo, dragon fruit and honeydew, choose your favourite.
Thanks to Mr Loh, the man behind all these wonderful dishes and an experienced chef armed with 15 years of cooking experience in the F&B industry.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Bali Hai Seafood Village
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PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.
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