Celebrate Mooncake Festival with Casahana (喜月堂) 2013 New Flavours!

Looking at the unique packaging and choices of mooncake, no doubt Casahana will become one of the top choices when purchasing our mooncakes this year. Casahana offers wide varieties of mooncakes ranging from the traditional pure lotus, pandan delight, golden mixed nut, low sugar white lotus flavours to more exciting new taste such as night symphony, azuki milk and espresso chestnuts.
This year, While keeping the existing flavours for their loyal customers to choose their favourites, Casahana has also launched out three new exciting flavours, namely Scarlet Snow, Violet Harmony and Empress Magic to entices the most discerning taste buds.
“scarlet Snow” is appealing physically, with rose shaped creamy white soft crust flecked with rose petal filled with filling of pomegranate, white lotus and wild honey. Delicate in texture, with tanginess of pomegranate balanced up by the sweetness of honey, and creamy white lotus.
“Empress Magic” seems to be a special luxury treat with surprised combination of apple, ginseng and Japenese yam as filling. “Violet Harmony” is not shadowed too, having taro, sweet potato and mung bean blended together to provide a distinctive flavours in every munch.
Packaging for Casahana mooncake is exquisitely designed, come in different design and colours perfect as gifts for friends, family or corporates during this special occasion. The simplest design will be the Moon Temptations for two pieces mooncake packaging.
More graceful design they have Exquisite-Lyrical Autumn, Exquisite-Celestial Autumn, Exquisite-Blushing Autumn collections that priced at RM60.90 per box of 4 or 6 pieces of mooncakes. We like the Exquisite-Celstial Autumn masterpiece that comes with 4 contemporary mooncakes of white lotus/yolk, glutinous rice yam omochi, espresso chestnut, and green tea apricot.
“Autumn in My Heart” catches our attention for its two tiers premium designs in acrylic top wooden gift case, with the tier one having  4 premium mooncakes of pure lotus/yolk, pandan delight glutinous rice yam omochi and azuki milk. Nestled in tier two will be 3 pieces of Joyous Bunny, aromatic Espresso Marron and imported Jelly each.
Only few days left, bring home a box of two of Casahana mooncake for your loves one during this coming Mooncake Festival!
Available in major stores in KL, Penang, JB and Singapore at:
-Klang Valley: 1 Utama (New Wing), Leisure Mall, HYT Kiosk, Sg. Wang, IOI Puchong, The Mines, KL Festival City, Setia City Mall, Sunway Giza, Great Eastern.
-Other urban area: Ipoh Parade
-Northern: Sunway Carnival Mall
-Southern: Sutera Mall, City Square, KSL City
-Others: Jusco, The Store, Giant, Cold Storage, Aeon Big, Sunshine Square, Sunshine Farlim, Gama, Ben’s Independent Grocer, Village Grocer, Billion, Yawata, NSK, Jaya Grocer, Minat, TF Value Mart, Central Hypermarket OUG, UO Ocean Ipoh
For more information, visit www.hytfood.com, www.facebook.com/Casahana, email to brand01@hytfood.com or call 03-78055339