Have Some Doodles Fun with Chopstix @ Damansara Uptown

Chopstix is a new cafe in Damansara Uptown run by three young entrepreneurs, chasing for their dreams by combining the love of art and food in this humble cafe. Located on first floor, this little cafe may be easily missed out but to spot it, look for “chopstix @ Uptown” hugely written in bright yellow.

Stepping into the cafe, what you will find is just simple settings with big wall half filled with doodles. The owners aim to present the cafe in old school canteen style, encouraging diners to doodle as they like. Adults will have fun leaving their message of visiting on walls, while children enjoy the fun of doodling around with the companied by parents. All these happy faces put on satisfaction to one of the owners, who also has a deep passionate in art and has contributed to the advertising field before continuing his passion in this cafe.

Other than the unique environment, what makes the place worth visiting will be the homemade recipes inherited by the family of the chef, featuring good old taste that makes you feel like dining at home. Great food and good quality aside, the low reasonable price makes another visiting point.

Curry Laksa  (RM5.70- Small, RM6.20-Large)
Imagine having a bowl of flavoursome curry laksa generously loaded with noodles and topped over with pieces of curry chicken, beancurds,cockles, long beans, and beans sprout, and the price is just RM5.70. Reasonable huh?

Nyonya Curry Asam Laksa (RM5.80- Small, RM6.30-Large)
Nyonya curry laksa, a hybrid flavours combining the creaminess of curry with tanginess of assam. The broth is less creamy comparing to the curry laksa, but the noodles that fully soaked up with the flavours of broth is so satisfying.

Asam Laksa (RM5.70- Small, RM6.20-Large)
Opened just less than a month, feedback for their Asam Laksa are vary depends on customer. Some diners prefer to have thick, creamy broth while some prefer lighter version, clear soup with a good level of spiciness.

It brings a hard time for Chopstix to sum up preference of every diners and finalized their daily serving asam laksa. In the end, they decided to come up with moderate thick fish broth for diners. So, the bowl of laksa is now comes with pieces of fish fillet still secured in shape, not fully blended with the soup. So you can expect a not-so-thick broth instead of the very dense version, but still piquant, sourish and fiery hot, definitely can whet up the appetite.

Thai Drumstick Curry Chicken Rice (RM7.50)
Hearty portion of fried rice served together with Thai Drumstick and fried egg. Tenderised in thick, creamy curry gravy, the chicken was succulent with spicy kick, an ultimate flavours to pair with rice.

Chicken Lobak (RM5.00)
Made using secret recipe inherited by parents, their lobak presented a very homey, traditional flavours that reminds us the taste of home. Simple yet flavourful.

Choices of food is not extensive at the moment, but for the price and quality, this small little place definitely worth a visit for casual dining, especially for lunch and dinner during weekdays. Not to forget, we really like the concept of doodle walls!

Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

17-M, SS21/58,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Contact: 011-3998 8821
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChopstiXUptown