Seo Seo Galbi (Stand & Eat Meat) @ Goong Korean BBQ Restaurant, Little Korea, Ampang

Seo Seo Galbi is a unique dining experience in Korea, with no chairs and even a traditional table to dine in. The table is also the grill, which is fashioned out of metal 50 gallon drums. Diners will stand around the table, grill their seasoned galbi or roasts over a charcoal grill situated in the middle of table, then just eat and drink by standing.
For the very first time in Malaysia, Goong Korean BBQ Restaurant, a cozy place run by a Korean Family has brought in this special dining experience to their restaurant in Little Korea Ampang, with a introduction price starting from RM50.00.
There are three types of set to choose from, where Set A is Pork Combo (RM50) that comprises of Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal), Pork Neck(Moksal Sogumgul) and one bottle of Soju.

Set B is Seafood Combo(RM80.00) which consists of Squid(Ojingeo), Octopus (Sannakji), Prawns (Saeu Gui), Black Clams (Jogae) and one bottle of free Soju.

If you came in large crowd, you can order the combo, which add up Set A Pork Combo and Set B Seafood Combo(RM120) for a plentiful, more fulfilling meal.

Once raw food arrives, you can start with your Seo Seo Galbi. The heat from sizzling and grilling may cause sweat to drip down your forehead, but the whole DIY process is really fun. Everyone get to witness and have full control over their meat and seafood grilling process.
We had our Seo Seo Galbi there two weeks ago. Love the concept! Grilling process was fun, end product was beautiful, little charred surface with juiciness locked within for our food, everything was so perfect. Big thanks to the gentlemen in our gang that help us out through the whole grilling time.

Pork slices rolled with enoki mushroom was superb, a bite through the roll revealed the juiciness of mushroom, compliment so well with the chewy, smoky grilled meat.

Prawns were fresh and plump, tuck in only one was not enough. For the seafood combo, we found the octopus note worthy. Big in size, the octopus was so fresh without unpleasant smell. The grilling process had magically turned it into a bouncy, chewy good stuff.  Good enough to be eaten alone without any sauces.

Slices of pork belly, perfectly grilled with beautiful layers of fat and lean meat, very fatty but so sinfully delicious that you will not want to miss out. Put away the diet plan and indulge on this porky-licious grilled meat. Eat first and get slim later!

Pork neck was on the leaner side, but very flavourful. Wrapped them using fresh lettuce together with raw garlics, onions, red pepper paste and Korean peppers to have all the flavours packed  in one munch. So yummy.
Mandu/Dumplings (RM 20.00)
Other than Seo Seo Galbi combo, we also ordered a few ala carte dishes to share. Mandu was one of the light snack on the table, which had juicy minced meat encased within dumpling skin, then pan fried till crispy at outer skin. Simple yet good.
Kimchi Jingae/Kimchi Stew (RM 17.00)
The must have in a Korean Restaurant. Goong’s version Kimchi Jigae was hot, spicy with tanginess from Kimchi. Extra appetizing stew to go with a bowl of rice.

Seafood Sundubu Jigae/Spicy Soft Tofu Stew with Seafood (RM 20.00)
Seafood Sundubu Jigae, the girl’s favourite. Ingredients were generous, with lots of soft tofu, clams, crabs, fish, and prawns within the spicy stew. Compared to Kimchi Jigae, this tofu stew tasted milder, with sweetness and essence of seafood gathered within.

Janchi Guksu/ Banquet Noodle (RM 17.00)
Traditionally, Banquet Noodle is served in large occasion such as weddings, hence the name ‘Banquet/Feast Noodles”. It is actually a hearty bowl of warm, tummy warming noodle dish made with thin wheat flour noodles (somyeon) in thick broth, garnished with egg, clams, shredded vegetables, meat and seaweed. Added with drops of sesame oil to bring up the overall flavour.

Another traditional Korean dish with sweet potato noodles stirred fried in sesame oil with shredded vegetables and marinated meat. Noodle was springy, very aromatic from the sesame and sesame oil with a hint of pepperish flavour.
Seo Seo Galbi, indeed a very special experience we had in Goong Restaurant.  Though standing, we had enjoyable time eating the grilled galbi, emptied down glasses of Soju, and had long chatting with many good laughs.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing

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Business Hour: 11.00am – 3.00pm, 6.00pm – 10.30pm (Mon-Sun)
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